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vaginal sex

hello all,
  i had sex with a friend   she said she doe s not have any diseases.
I had a condom when there was a vagina penetration.
but she gave me BJ with out  condom
after havign sex I checked the condom with water to see if there are any leaks there weren't any leaks in the condom.
is there possibiy of me having contracting any STI
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You just said she doesn't have any diseases so obviously you can't catch anything from her.
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I personally don't take anyone's word for things like that.  However, oral sex doesn't transmit HIV nor does condom protected sex.  Adults only get HIV from unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles.  That it was a friend that you'd likely know if she has HIV makes it even more implausible. I would not be worried about this.
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Hi I have an update..
It's been a week I had sex with this lady.since yesterday i am feeling pain in my under arm
Apart from this I don't have any other symptom. Do I my be  worried
No need to worries,the pain in arm is not any thing hiv related because you have none of any sort of hiv risk in the first place.
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You didn't posses a risk, using a condom for vaginal intercourse ensured your safety and oral sex is not a risk.

Also, if you had to check the condom with a water test, be informed that you suffer from anxiety, that sort of behavior is unusual for a normal person.

Please evaluate your options to see a counselor since you don't have a risk and yet you are worried about an irrational fear.
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