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Hi, i have this questions. yesterday in the morning i accidentally cut under my foot and but i ignored it and putted my shoes on. when i putted my shoes on they were so sticky and i took of the shoes and i smelled it and it had a smell of sperm on it and i look at my leg i noticed the wound and it was bleeding. the reason i am worried is because i live in an apartment but me and another guy only lives in it. the other guy as hiv and his really open with it and i respect him and still talk to him .now the reason i am worried a lot is becouse i always noticed he liked my shoes and i am sure his the one that came in my shoes for sure. do i need to get a test ? because i am kinda worried . but i am sure there was some time before i putted them on as i came home at midnight and i left my shoes out and after sometime i heard he opened the door. but i putted the shoes on at 8 a.m and i read it might take the hiv virus several hours to die(and i checked what several hours are and its for 5 hour to 11 hours) but anyway should i get a test please
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HIV is not your problem. An HIV phobia is your problem. Seek a therapist to help work out your irrational fear. HIV can not infect outside of it's host unless under specific laboratory settings or when in IV drug equipment.

The virus does not take several hours to die. It's outer shell, which is needed to latch onto infected cells, is destroyed when it's exposed to changes in Ph levels and oxygen which is why it cannot infect in the manner you're describing. Move along.
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even if you where the shoes after couple of minutes ? still there will be no risk ?
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thanks. I can finally sleep.
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i have one last question. how long does it take for the outer shell to break ? minutes ? hours ?
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