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Does anybody have an home remedies for hair loss in women?

I am a 71 yr. old woman and am experiencing some hair loss at the back of my head. It is quite a large patch, but is covered somewhat by the hair above. I have long dark hair. I saw a dermatologist yesterday who said it would (probably) grow back and recommended Biotin and Rogain. He also said to eat more protein.

When I bought the Rogain I called customer service and was told that it is a life-time commitment because if you should stop using it the hair that has grown will fall out! Huh! No thanks. So I am using herbal oil treatments and masks, eating well, taking Biotin and many vitamins. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

My thyroid levels are normal.

Thanks so much.
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Yes!!!!!  I have heard this about Rogaine.  Be careful because indeed if you ever stop using it, your hair will fall right dang out!  So, what vitamins do you take and do you take any other things? Those can add to hair loss believe it or not.  Newly prescribed meds can have an affect on our hair unfortunately.  Also, stress can as well. Scratching your scalp? And if you are anemic at all.  When is the last time you had a full physical, by the way?
I read a lot about this subject on line and am doing all I can just now. Will wait and see the results. I have high hopes of things turning out OK, and that hairdresser did manage to hide most of it. So nice to hear from you, Special mom, hope all is well with you.
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How are things going with this?  Are you still seeing hair regrowth?  
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