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Heart centered Meditation (healing :)

Heart Centered Meditation

Begin by finding a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.

Take the phone off the hook.

Turn off your mobile phone, radio, and television, as well as any unnecessary electrical equipment in the area immediately surrounding where you will be meditating.

Sit or lay down in a comfortable position. This could be on the floor, cross legged with back straight and hands resting on knees, palms facing upward and thumb and first finger held together in the traditional meditation position (you can rest against a wall if you like), or in an arm chair with back straight, feet flat on the ground, and hands resting on thighs with palms flat. If you choose to lay down, this can be either on the ground with feet shoulder width apart, back straight and hands resting gently to the sides, or on a bed in the same position.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, hold it in and tense up every muscle you can. Exhale and release the tension.

Repeat this twice more, making three breath/tensions in total.

Visualize your muscles becoming relaxed and saturated with a brilliant, white light.

Start at your toes and work your way up to the top of your head, pay particular attention to the shoulders, jaw and facial area, and any other area that may be causing you particular concern. All the while taking gentle, deep breaths.

If you hear sounds such as cars passing by, people talking, dogs barking etc. Just let these sounds pass over you. Do not judge these sounds, simply allow them to occur and fade away, all the while taking gentle deep breaths.

When you feel sufficiently relaxed, draw your attention to your chest area, and visualize a tiny ball of light that rests half inside and half outside the center of your chest.

This ball of light can be any colour that feels comfortable to you, I personally use the color pink or blue flecked with brilliant gold. This ball of light starts out tiny, but expands gradually with every inhalation and every exhalation.

Continue to visualize for this meditation so that the ball grows larger and larger, all the while producing a greater feeling of loving peace and calm.

Allow the ball of light to grow as large as you feel comfortable with.

This ball is a ball of healing love-energy. Allow the ball to move to wherever you need healing in your body.

You can direct the ball or allow it to move by itself. If you have a loved one that needs healing or love, who may be emotionally troubled, you can send this ball of love-energy to this person in your mind.

Visualize the ball leaving the room and travelling to the person in need. Or you can allow the ball to leave of its own accord, it will travel to someone who needs your love-energy. Or you can simply resorb the ball back into your body.

When you feel that the meditation has finished, gradually and gently bring your attention back to your surroundings, and slowly open your eyes.

Personally I like to do a few stretches after meditation and just chill and relax for a few minutes before moving on with day to day things.

Peace be with you.

A meditation by Mathew    

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I had a good day it was a lot of fun. I am going to paint tomorrow an post some of my pictures on here of my art work.

Love you xoxoxox
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Hey there Amber Do Da Day...

I found you...I went to your Page. Gee your fast you got pics and everything. This is a great Place to Just Unload and or Make Some pretty good Friends. Welcome and I hope you enjoy that Place..I sure had a Nice time with you. You Know I think I will be doing allot of what we did today tomorrow.......lol

Love You ME , Rhea xoxoxo
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Thank you for this I was just talking with my sister today about starting meditation I will be using this technique.

Thanks again,
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some times it is very hard to "turn the mind off"
here is what I do
go though the relaxing of the muscle bit
then in my minds eye I place a great big neon light and a large welcome mat
asking for all the thoughts to come, welcome them, thank them and let them go
picture them as clouds  and let them float away , let the next one come
and continue......
one of two things could happen
you will have thoughts rushing in
or none
you might have to do this a couple of times

you may need to get yourself a worry book
divide the page into 3
write down your worries  can help.... yes or no
( if yes.   how and make a action plan to help be realistic )
  if not GIVE IT TO GOD  
and write that you have given it to God so that it is one less for  you to worry about
then when ever you re- worried about that problem  tell your self  
'that this is Gods not mine '
and let it GO       '
good luck let me know how you get on
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dreamt last night about strengthening and opening my heart chakra
that is just what I need
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I try to meditate every day sometimes twice but find it difficult to relax my mind all troubles and people that need help world peace goes through my mind so I feel tense.  any tips or what am I doing wrong.  I have tried chair uncomfortable so bed with minimum pillows curtains drawn etc.  Help
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Thank you :-)))
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