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Karma..Do you believe in "Karma"?

Please explain why/why not if you can, I am interested in exploring the idea of Karma and how different people and religions define it and think of it.

So.....Do you believe in Karma?  Why?  How do you define it?
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I too believe in Karma
do I know why I believe...NO  just do
it is a good feeling to have
makes my world lighter to walk around in
and if it is not true then I am still not carrying any burdens, worries about who ever /what ever  
giving out happy positive feelings ....and getting them back 10 fold now there is some thing to look forward too

                            " what goes around comes around"
is some thing my grand mother use to say... not sure where it originated from

hope this helps
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Hi painbrain...yes I believe in Karma but couldn't discover how to record my vote??  I think that karma is the result of our own thoughts, positive or negative and in the new age thought "positive thinking" brings positive results.  Even centuries ago the wiccan religion indicated that wishing ill upon another would result in 3fold ills coming back to the wisher.  As far as karma resulting from previous lives we may have lived I am undecided but wonder if we could be experiencing various difficult situations b/c we have lessons to learn that we have not successfully completed in past lifetimes.
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