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What happends next?

Now that Massachusetts has in effect killed health care reform, what happens next?
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I think we may get something better that all the people want and maybe some of the transparency we were promised, maybe Republicans will be able to join in it could be better for seniors and the Mandatory issue be solved.I dont think Massachusetts killed it I think The Democrats did that themselves it wasnt all about healthcare ...
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I really hope the plan they had is gone, though Pelosi said they will get it through. It does go above and beyond health care. Changes need to be made on insurance policies available to people regarding what they will cover, and have plans more affordable to cover basic needs. They will always have a problem with pre-existing illnesses and buying new insurance to cover that. Though, the way it is here, if there is no lapse of insurance then it can be covered. The biggest problem with that clause as far as the insurance company is....people that have something go wrong, will go to the insurance company and buy insurance as soon as they find they are looking a high costs for an extended period. They would not worry about insurance, saving money, then when a dr says they need surgery, they would buy it. We know the insurance companies make profits, but without them, they will go bankrupt. Money has to be in store to cover the claims they pay. When they try to pull a fast one by denying a customer for having a broken toe not disclosed, then put in a claim for cancer on the hand is denied for the toe not being disclosed, we do have State Corporations that they can be reported to that can straighten them out. They have the power to fine them hugely, even take their license. They oversee them.

They do make contracts with hospitals etc as to what they pay, which gives them some profit. That is something agreed to by the hospital or dr and the insurance company and they have a contract. Those hospitals and drs get volume in return for those discounts. When we go in for care with no such contract we pay the full charge. There are hospitals that have excellent care and set payments up according to income and they will have drs that are affliated with them that do the same. With no income, normally the state has something available for help. If not, then they should. People that fall between the cracks that lose their plans with a long term illness, have the availability for the state offered care, through making payments based on income, or by having Medicare or Medicaid. I have found that the drs and hospitals under such plans the state has in place, have turned out to be the most highly educated with the newest techniques and newest machinery for detection and treatments.

Insurance is costly, but constant education to keep health care to the upmost, the best in the world machinery to find problems and help them, is costly. Drs that use patients to make money with unnecessary procedures, will always be there and will get away with it until they get caught. Not all doctors are honest, as well as all professions are not honest. Drs have to pay for all the newest education to keep up to date, to offer it to their patients.

All insurance companies are not evil, some have good plans, but the test of time always comes to, "we get what we pay for." Minimum car insurance is cheaper, but goes to limits that if you hit a car that is high dollar and the insurance has a limit, we pay the difference.

However, choice about if we decide to have a treatment can be fought with an insurance company. They have someone to answer to. With government insurance, we cannot fight. We will pay more, be taxed on it, which is how we obtained it to start with, medicine, procedures, everything connected will be taxed. So, what we pay out will be more than we would with insurance. The govt. is limited to spending by periods of time for the entire Country. If they run out of money, we run out of care. We will be forced to accept it, or they will collect money. If we don't pay it, the IRS will collect it.
The IRS can take what they want to get their money, your paycheck, home, car, savings, they have the power. If we are denied it could be covering anything from an oxygen tank to cancer treatment. The drs have to fax to the government and get permission for our treatment. If we are too expensive, we are left standing in the cold wet rain with nothing.

There needs to be real care for people, but as we dig deeper into what is being proposed, it is more about control and less about care. It is more about us paying and penalties and IRS power, Government control over decisions we should make and what they decide. It is more about less professional care and more about training a regular person to their standard, not even seeing a dr, and not going into the hospital, such as birthing centers. We would be losing a Freedom by force, and take away Freedom of Choice. It is more about government workers going in our home, looking at what we do and the shape we are in and enforcement to abide by what they say. Too heavy according to them, you will get a diet, and they will check to see you are following it, and losing. The few descriptons they give, "health care for all", is not true. They should say "health care if the govt thinks you are worthy", and don't try to get it by paying out your pocket for what we deny. The dr will pay to give you the prescripton, going against what they said. The denial will be on a data base, so if someone fills the prescriptions, even buying some type of machine, they will be punished also.

This is not what people need. It is not what the Country needs. To help they don't need to own us, nor take our Freedoms as citizens. They don't need to tax us penniless. We have no money. Putting sugar on it to convience, does not take away what the plan says. As we all know, there has been a lot of promises, but they have turned into a closed ear to citizens and a "do what I want attitude", no matter the harm it causes us.
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Thats great Input RJ  you have put exactly what I also believe to be true and the way to go, we do all need healthcare there is no doubt we didnt need that particular  plan and I feel too much government interferance doesnt bode well it hasnt in other countries in Europe as we know .I see that the President today seems still intent in some way of passing it through we shall see what happens .  
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Well more unreality again last night, we havent seen the healthcare reform he is still going on about,,why cant we see it, we need one but not huge government run one .
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