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International Health Insurance

Dear Sir,
I am a 52 yr old male from Europe(The Netherlands)and enjoy excellent Health-Care controlled by the Government and obligatory by law accesible for everybody without prior medical examination(and affordable insurance-rates). Now I plan to emigrate to Asia and thus have to find me an international health care insurance; for me it is important that I will be accepted at my age(without prior examination),fair insurance-rates and conditions that don't allow the insurance-company to "throw you out" in case you got "too expensive" and refuse to renew the(annual)contract?
I would much appreciate if you could give me some guide-lines or names of international insurance-companies that comply with my wishes. How do I select and know about the integrity and long-term availability for my health-insurance(while it is not governmentally controlled like in my country)?
Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
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Dear Sir,

Thank you for your informative response and I appreciate your offer to give me more specific information about particular Asian countries very much. I count myself lucky to have found somebody who actually has profound knowledge of insurance matters in Asia out of own long-term experience. To answer your concrete questions:
-I have selected two potential countries in Asia where I choose to live, Thailand or The Philippines and I am in the "selecting process" of the pro's and con's of both countries. The way I can organise my health-insurance best will have major influence on my choice in which country I will stay; intentionally for the rest of my life. Therefore any information you have or comparison you can make between those two countries will be highly welcomed and appreciated; e.g. do both countries grant foreigners access to governmentally controlled health-insurance(like Phil Health care)or do I solely have to rely on private insurance companies(like Bupa in Thailand?)
-To the best of my knowledge(& that of my G.P.) I do not have a major pre-existing condition(no high-blood pressure, diabetic etc. I get an annual physical check-up from my G.P.). I do have a problem of overweight(about 10 kilo's)but am on a diet right now.

I thank you in advance for your effort and cooperation in this matter and I'll be looking forward to your additional information with utmost interest.


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Dear bealus,

Health insurance rates are calculated based on what is called actuarial experience. An actuary is someone who specializes in the math behind the risk. This risk is usually expressed as a percentage or ratio of claims to premiums for a stated period.

Higher risk results in higher premium rates.

Providing International coverage without any health questions or exclusions on pre-existing conditions would be extremely difficult because the carrier would have no way of assessing their risk & determine the premium rate for the plan. So I am not aware of any coverage that exactly matches what you are looking for, however, I personally lived in Asia for over 25 years & I might be able to help you more specifically based on my personal experience, so my recommendation will depend upon the following facts;

- Are you planning to stay in one country, or will you be moving through the continent?
If you are planning to stay in one country, I may be able to give you more specific information about that particular country.

- Do you have a pre-existing condition & what do you need to maintain your health?
As we may not know what is in store for us in future, we can & need to consider the known risks (or conditions that currently need ongoing treatment & care).


Amir Mostafaie

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