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Cooking the fat out of Tounge?

I have a love of cooking beef tounge, but have been wanting to cut down on the fat naturaly marbled into the meat, any advice?

I tend to cook it in a crockpot for long hours, starting it in the early morning for dinner that night.
Things I add ussualy include lots of garlic, red and or black pepper, a bit of bay leaf, chopped onion, a few dashes of tabasco, and sometimes a bit of rosemarry. I don't have a set recipy just toss it in by feel, smell and taste.
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Good evening;

What you may want to do is cook the tongue a day ahead of time, let it cool in the refrigerator, the fat rises and solidifies, scrape it off the top of the broth.

I do this to "de-fat" chicken and beef broth.

take care - Pip
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Well the probolem is the fat that stays marbled in the beef it's self, I am looking for any way to pull that out.
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I see what you mean, now; marbling is a situation with which I had not thought to deal.

Perhaps piercing the tongue with one of those needle type tenderizers or pre-slicing before cooking?  This would open up the fat deposits and allow more to cook out.

...hmm, more thought needed.
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