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Fermentation and Pickling

I have started pickling  as I heard how healthy Fermented foods are anyone else do it , mostly delicious are radishes , ginger, beets , carrots and cabbage..
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Do you use pickling spices as you would cucumbers?  I've done this with green beans (fresh ones), pickle them with a bit of dill.  We call them dilly beans.  I've done it with corn too and tried okra (which I didn't like.  I am not a huge okra lover).  Carrots or cabbage would be good.  

So, do you go through the whole canning process?  Or are you pickling them some other way?  
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We dont boil them , we pour the hot liquid over them in the jars ,and they are good for several weeks , if you want to keep them in a cupboard for months you need to boil the jars..To be honest the old man does that bit and I eat em...the pickled radishes are so tasty I could eat them all day
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