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CAn someone tell me which foods are the healthiest ?!!
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if it comes in a box, its bad for you and usually has a lot of sugar in it. Look at the numbers on the back of the box where it tells you how many calories are in it. Fresh and frozen fruits and veggies are your best bed. You can also do a google search for some recipes. Stay away from fried food, go with baked. Stay away from chips or dips. Feel free to ask any more questions
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"Healthy" foods are really just anything that isn't unhealthy. Most foods are good for you, but need to be eaten in a balanced diet with the correct amount of calories. Aka, cheese can be amazing for you but if you eat too much that's a lot of calories, fats and cholesterol. Meat is another thing, your body does need proteins and the vitamins that meat can provide -but too much is a bad thing. Also if you have an allergy something like Wheat, which your body does need fiber, could be really bad if you're allergic to it.

Really you need to be asking what foods to avoid. Avoid fried foods, the oils and fats really add up fast, and it's not good for you. Avoid really salty and sugary things- your body needs good sugars and it does need sodium but eating a whole bag of Chips or a huge bar of chocolate isn't the way to get it. The whole empty calories- donuts, sodas, etc. just aren't worth it. Also fast foods are pretty bad. Not only are most of them saturated in fats and sodium a lot of that food is processed heavily. When I moved and switched diets to exclude processed foods and high fructose corn syrup I lost an easy 5kg/10lbs, I'm a little against them. I think a natural, unprocessed diet lacking the high fructose corn syrup (mainly only used in the States) is the best kind of foods a body can have.

Also I suggest avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, because these can have a HUGE effect on your appetite and metabolism. And honestly, your body doesn't need what they have.  

Really what you need to do is make sure you're body is getting the right calories for your weight, age, height and sex. And then make sure these calories are coming from natural sources, not from fast food or other "junk" foods. Also keep in mind you need a balanced diet- fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and lots of fiber (fruits, veggies, and grains). Be sure you're drinking plenty of water and getting exercise- your body needs some activity to kick start your metabolism and burn excess fat.
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I'm still a teen . I don't drink alcohol and all these .
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7 Food Industry Lies Debunked

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and if you can find out, no GMO's they have fattening agents in them apart from making you sick, we are still battling in CA to have them labelled
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