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If I'm counting my calories and stuff do I still need to eat like crazy healthy? I'm eating around 2100 calories a day or less and drinking a lot of water along with at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.  I wanna lose 115 pounds. Is there any healthy meals to eat without a lot of veggies? I love corn.. But that's about it .-.

Age: 19
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You can eat very lean meats like chicken deer meat or tenderloin steaks n things like that make sure your food s very low in sugar if any beans are good and high in protein cut sodas out of your diet completely if u can't just drink water liquid flavoringis great but make sure it doesnt have sugar in it the best thing to eat when your craving sweets is frozen Greek yogurt mixed with fruit tastes so much better that way n I don't like fruit or yogurt but it taste just like ice cream
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If you don't have one invest in a scale. I never realized I was eating huge protein servings before using one. Make easy substitutes that can save you calories. Boxed mashed potatoes vs homemade. Parboiled rice like Uncle Ben's if you don't like brown rice.

Find veggies you like. Green beans, broccoli are lower in calories than carrots. Also corn is a grain not a vegetable. Double check a calorie calculator to see how many calories you should be eating at your desired weight.
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I don't think you can loss weight without vegetables....I'm eatin around 600-1000 of calories a day with the help of veggies like brocoli,carrot,cauliflower,cabbage and lettuce.make'em as a soup...just make sure to put some potatoes or it'll NOT goin to be yummy(to me).you CAN eat ONLY goats meat....NO BEEF MEATS,I repeat,NO.steam the goats meat with some salt,black pepper paste.eat a little.My breakfast is just a cup of nestum everyday...some healthy sandwiches WITHOUT meat or vegetable soup or brown rice with veggies or two apples...dinner is some pasta.....snacks?you can    choose soya bean milk!I choose jump rope and some yoga....
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