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I love vegeterian casseroles!

They are high in flavor and low on fat. Anyone have any good ones? Or maybe one with vegetable & cheese and bread crumbs that you could put any vegetable into? Thank you
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Do you do any vegitarian casseroles with beans??  I've made a few in my lifetime.  :>)  Like that I can still get the protein with the beans.  Here is one:

2 T olive oil
3 pounds zuccini cubed
1 onion chopped
1 t ea of garlic salt, paprika, oregano, and red pepper
1 cup long grained rice, cooked
1 cup pinto beans
2.5 cups salsa
1.5 cup cheddar cheese

oven is 350 degrees. Heat oil in skillet and add zucchini and onion and cook until tender, about 10 min. Add the seasonings and continue cooking until fragant.  Mix in the beans, rice and salsa and continue cooking until heated through. Mix in cheese.  And transfer all to 9x13 baking dish.  add a bit of cheddar cheese to top.  cover with lid or foil and bake 20 min. until cheese is melted.  
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Hi Darl;a One of my favorites is cauliflower and cheese, often I add brocolli..I have added bits of bacon but one doesnt have to ...Veg where I live are a good price at the moment ...I also make bubble and squeak which is mashed spuds, and cabbage with onion thrown in, saute till brown in some oil
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