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New Year, New me? Healthy Eating

Going to try to get on top of a healthy diet this year.  Where should I start?
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This really depends on your own needs, and health. Eating Healthy is really about finding a good balance, and still enjoying your food.

I know for me I cut out oils that were not good for you and started using more of olive oil and Coconut oil. Suprising awesome. I added alot of veggies and cut out bread and most products made with yeast. In addition I started eating meats that were cage free, or grass fed. I would suggest starting small though.

One thing I recently tried was adding almond flour instead of normal pancake mix to the my diet. I love it and there is a variety of things you can do with it. Including Blueberry pancakes.
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There are many ways to start with healthy eating but it depends on what you need what are your goals. You should eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grain &  stop eating processed food. Stop drinking juices that contain sugar & eat more fish.
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I always thought that I would start on Monday or the new year but I realized that I have to start the moment I think about it.  Then you will be successful. You don't have to wait for a certain time.
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"Eat lots of fruit and veg
It's recommended that you eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and veg daily. They can be frozen, fresh, dried, canned, or juiced. Why not chop a banana over your breakfast cereal, or swap your usual mid-morning snack for a piece of fresh fruit? A portion of canned, fresh, or frozen fruit and vegetables is 80g. A portion of dried fruit is 30g. A 150ml glass of vegetable juice, fruit juice, or smoothie also counts as 1 portion, but restrict the amount you have to no more than one glass a day as these drinks are sugary and can stain your teeth."
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