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What's the best thing you ever ate made with zucchini?

What's the best thing you ever ate that was made with zucchini?  Share recipes if you can!
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Toss up here:

Zucchini bread, zucchini lasagna or pickled zucchini.
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I like chocolate zuchini cake. it's not remotely healthy but it's chocolate :)

Have I yet to have any healthy memories with this best thing ever ate stuff? lol

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Well my all time favorite is Houlihan's fried zucchini sticks but they don't make them anymore and they are not healthy soooo... I choose zucchini sauteed with an onion, garlic salt, pepper, olive oil and some basil. I eat it like this the most. I like the cookies and breads but don't eat them as often as I do this.
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I chop up zucchini in small pieces, sautee and add to my pasta sauces.
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Mine is Peekawho's Morrocan Stewed Chicken, found right here in HC.
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stir fry...so healthy..cut zucchini into sticks..large sticks ...add just about any vegetables with it..ie...last night I had yellow and green zucchini sticks along with broccoli, cerlery, red and green peppers, yellow string beans and goodness knows what else...once chopped into large pieces I place in a hot cast iron fry pan with aliitle olive oil and real butter...stir fried over low/high heat...added some Bragg Seasoning and dried jalapino pepper ( just alittle) along with 2 finely chopped garlic cloves...I had this with my main meal of haddock and mash....the zucchini are plentiful at the moment...now this is healthy..none of the stuff made with sugar and white flour could ever be considered healthy to me...the colours are so vibrant ...just cook until el dente ladies...
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Also try this one...take a large zucchini and slice into thickness of about a half inch ...place on parchment paper...add a dollop of pasta sauce to each zucchini slice...grate some cheese over tomato sauce...bake in oven....mmmm....mmm good...I have a friend from Mexico who prepares them this way but fry's them in olive oil in cast iron fry pan...take your pick...they are good either way ladies and gentlemen.
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Those sound yummy! thanks for sharing, I'm going to try them both soon.
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