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Whole wheat pasta noodles

What does everyone think of whole wheat pasta noodles?  I am really trying to cook healthier meals for my family.  I am making pasta tonight, and bought some whole wheat noodles.  Its going to be with red sauce, which my 3 year old definately likes.  I'm hoping it goes over well with the family.  So any opinions would be great!  Thanks!
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I love it.  If your family is not used to whole wheat noodles or pasta, start with the ones labeled "whole wheat blends".  Get them used to that first, then look for the 100% whole wheat pasta.

Be sure you cook ww pasta well.  It can be chewy if undercooked.  
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Oh good, thats what I bought!  I got the Ronzoni healthy harvest whole wheat blend pasta.  I am hoping it turns out good!  Thanks!
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Don't point out that its healthy, either.  Or it will go over like a lead balloon.
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You know what I really like...Ronzoni smart tase...it comes in a purple box.....it is white pasta but has the same fiber 3x the fiber and as much clacium as a glass of milk...i think thats what it says I just read the box and already forgot, hahaha....anyway, when I was on weight watchers i used to always eat I think a whole wheat blend and then i found that one and you cant tell the diff between that and regular, but it is healthier....and it was good in points....
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I eat 100% whole wheat pasta now.  No points!
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oh yeah your a core person huh...lol.....I dont know if I could do core! I rely too much on like processed foods....that just sounds horrible!!!
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You can still have processed foods.  You just count the points for them.  I don't suffer!  Still have my wine, candy, etc.
Core is great.
I eat everything I used to eat on Flex, only I don't count points, weigh, or measure.

Its how I lost most of my weight.  
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Well, right now the pregnancy has put my WW on hold...I will def be needing to go back after this baby is born, lol....maybe i'll give a core a try.
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My guilty confession...I HATE whole wheat pasta. Texturally it messes with me. But I will and do eat it 90% of the time because it is better. I like the plus ones that really give a lot of bang nutritionally.

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Andi- seriously try the ronzoni smart taste...it is soooooo good and has lots of fiber and vitamins!!! kids and dh love it too!!!
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I have tried them all, I have a freakishly sensitive palate. In all honesty the only regular pasta I even like is angel hair because it is so fine ;-)

But I LOVE playing the with sauces and proteins!
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Well, it turned out good!  No one mentioned anything about it tasting different.  My husband loved it, and even had seconds.  My dd said it was delicious.  I personally noticed the difference in texture, but it didn't bother me.  So I guess we will stick with the whole wheat blend for a while, then I might go ahead and try the 100% wheat.
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I usually eat whole wheat pasta. I do notice a difference in the taste, and texture, but its only a small difference. Plus, u get used to the different taste after awhile
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    You must be on WW.. recognized the "points" when you posted.. Actually , I sort of like the chewiness of the Whole Wheat Pasta.. I'm such a carb freak.. I'm trying to really like the WWheat better.. it's growing on me..

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I've always wanted to try whole wheat pasta but haven't yet.  We did try whole wheat pizza from Papa John's last night (I know-not healthy-but I was painting ALL DAY!) and I wouldn't recommend it!
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