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healthy recipes

Any one know of healthy recipes that even children will enjoy?
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Shepards pie with some veg in it, broccoli and pasta bake, homemade soups, fish and let them dip I'm egg then breadcrumbs and bake in the oven, make your own pizzas they can have some fun decorating them but go very light on the cheese...

If you let them cook some meals with you it gives them an interest in food and educates them on healthy eating too - good luck. :-D
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Thanks you :)
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My kids like bean burritos made with either smashed black beans or smashed pinto beans, a little cheese and a whole wheat tortilla.  I just use vegis on mine too along with the beans and leave off the cheese.  

You can take chicken tenders and bake them in chicken broth or barbeque sauce.

Any kid friendly casserole substituting ground beef with ground chicken or turkey.  My boys like meatballs made with ground chicken and a simple red sauce with whole wheat pasta.

Anything home made rather than out of the box that you can choose the ingredients for can be more healthy and kids will probably eat.  Home made low fat mac and cheese verses out of the box.  

My kids do love a baked chicken whole.  They eat the legs---  I pull the skin off.  Then some mashed sweet potatoes along side.  

We try new foods all the time and I try to get my kids to try it. No pressure if they don't like it to eat more as long as they give it a solid try.  

good luck
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