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So, question . . .

So, do you consider getting all dolled up and sexy for your partner a labor of love with emphasis on the labor or the love part?  

Is it work to get 'hot' for the man in your life or do you still enjoy it?
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When I was dating my husband, I'd take like 2 hours to get ready.  OMG.  I can't even believe that anymore.  I now am showered, dressed and all made up in 20 minutes tops.  

Sometimes getting 'sexy' is a bit of work for me.  I'll admit it.  I don't always feel sexy from the inside out so it is hard to get the outside to look that way.  Luckily my husband still seems to appreciate the efforts I do make . . .  but I feel a little bad I don't do more.  I go for comfort over sexy in the clothing department too.   Am I a bad wife?  
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Haha I remember those days. Taking forever to get ready.

Now I'm lucky if I can get a shower in. It's really hard to have a shower with an almost 3 year old that's as smart as a whip. He knows how to unlock the deadbolt on the door. We have a screen door as well that has a latch. But he can also unlock that. He just grabs the chair, gets up and unlocks the doors. He's actually escaped a couple times. Good thing hubby was home to see. It could have been disastrous.

I rarely get all dolled up now. I'll dress nice for him on the weekends sometimes. But rarely do I put make up on unless it's for a special occasion. Hubby loves it when I do dress up for him, so I try as often as I can. But I too prefer comfort.

That does not make you a bad wife. Clearly your husband still loves you and that's what counts
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Oh yeah, getting dolled up and sexy...like before kids?  Um, not so much.  If we are going somewhere I take an extra few minutes to pick out my outfit.  I am not one to leave the house without makeup, so that is always a given.  It is so funny to read this because I was just thinking the other day and was amazing myself that I get showered and ready and out the door in 25 minutes or less.  I have gotten lazy by scrunching hair while wet or throwing it up in a knot/bun.  If I blow dry and straighten then add an extra ten min or so.  Yes, it used to take a minimum of 1 1/2 hours.
We just had our 21 year wedding anniversary and he still thinks I look good (I do not think so....esp sans clothing).
Does these mean I am getting old and lazy or that my priorities have changed?  I think priorities have changed but also think I have gotten a little lazy in the "looking hot" dept.  Thanks for bringing this up and reminding me that I need to step it up every once in awhile.
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Maybe it is just a status of where we are in life.  I know that sometimes it's mid morning on a Saturday and I walk by a mirror and am like "uhhhh . . .   who is that" but my husband hasn't batted an eye.  If I were him, I'd be thinking "lady, brush your hair" but he just acts like it's all normal and fine.  Hard to argue with that.  LOL  I remember when I got all 'fancy' as my kids say and my son goes "mama, you've got black crayon around your eyes".  Ha.  
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