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4 year old Hearing Impairment - wax and glue ear

My 4 year old daughter had audiology/ ENT yesterday for the first time. Serious Mum guilt, but I’ve spent years telling her off for ignoring me until it clicked about 6 months ago that she may have poor hearing. Went to the GP in February and got referred, was told at that point she was blocked with wax and to use olive oil.

Left ear, some wax, glue ear, mild hearing impairment 30dB.

Right ear, fully blocked with wax, they are assuming glue ear but can’t assess it, moderate hearing impairment greater than 50dB.

Plan to change to sodium bicarbonate drops, use otovent and return in three months then possible grommets if not cleared.

At the time, I didn’t realise how significant the hearing test results were, that’s quite a large loss of hearing which has been going on a long time.

Now I am reading around the topic... is it possible to have hearing aids for these issues instead of surgery if the otovent doesn’t work? I do not want to put my daughter through the risks of surgery which may then need to be repeated or the anxiety (she is terrified of doctors, I had to pin her down to allow the doctor to look in her ears). She has never had an ear infection.

Also, can long term wax impaction cause damage to the inner ear or the nerves leading to hearing loss even when removed?

Thank you, I am a bit of a worrier and like to know everything!
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