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Audiology Rreport, help?

I also have been having a ton of dizziness and lightheadedness too, headaches bad among other symptoms.  Oh and the latest is short time blurrienss that goes away and comes back even with glasses.  I also have a ton of left ear problems with hearing and what feels like infections bc it is alway clogged up.  I do get a lof of infections in it.

Anyway, I had an ENG test and the results were never read to me.  

Caloric Test results revealed a mildly abnormal 31% Unilateral Weakness toward the right side and a 24 % Directional Preponderance toward the left side.
ENG Test results were moderately consistent with a potentilal periperal vestibular problem on the right side. However, the nystagmus appeared to be present even without activation by positioning. Other non-vestibular involvement cannot be ruled out at this time.  Refer for follow-up medical consulation.

I wondered if that is Normal or if I should make an appointment to see an Opthamolgist or anyone because of the Results?  I have a variety of symptoms, is why the doctor sent me for the test.  I am no longer seeing him because he doesn’t take my pcp insurance now.  Any help would be appeciated.  Thank you so much ahead of time.

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I am have alot of the same issues with lightheaded, fullness in ears. I was wondering what you have found out since you posted your comment.
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No, no one will tell me what is going on.  I feel it will be another 4 months b4 I do.  It seems like they are ignoring me.  Will let you know if I do.  An Er doc said, it could be meneires disease.  Who knows since I keep getting blown off.
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