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I went to a concert last saturday and I was by the stage, near the speaker(s). As a result, I sustained a ringing in my ears for a little over a day. I'm concerned about how much damage I could have done to my ears. Ironically, I'm an audio engineering student and we are currently learning about loud sounds and its effects on hearing. So, after the ringing in my ears went away, I started feeling a little discomfort in my ears, specifically my right ear. I also started feeling a little warmth. Also, I started wearing ear plugs at my work at this time, so I'm not sure if these "feelings" are due to my ears getting used to the ear plugs, paranoia, or damage I may have caused. Like I said, I'm an audio engineering student and my hearing is imperative. So, I'm extremely concerned about my situation, and would like feedback, please. What kind of doctor can I go to that can do an analysis on my hearing?

Thank you!
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About 18 months ago, I had an MRI at a local clinic for edema in my left leg due to 2 stress fractures. The tech gave me ear plugs which I inserted into my ears. Within a day or so after, I was having problems hearing on the telephone in my left ear. It was so bad, I had to switch to my right ear.
I complained to my doctor, and he sent me to an Audiologist (in the same clinic) where I was given several hearing tests. The prognosis was Meniere's disease.
It's been 18 months and I still have ringing, no hearing in left ear, and several bouts of dizziness. I asked my Internist if the MRI could have caused damage to my ear, and he said no. Now, both doctors I have asked that question to are affiliated with the clinic that gave me the MRI.
Should I consult a Doctor outside the clinic, or another Audiologist?
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In all probability you had an inflammation of the ear drum due to loud sound. Wearing ear plugs can at time aggravate this inflammation. Hence you have this feeling after tinnitus went away. Since you are an audio-engineering student, I suggest you get an audiogram and show your ears to an ENT specialist. If you need to wear ear phones, you need to find out what precautions you can take. Take care!
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