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Diet For Hearing Loss - Hearing Solutions

1.A balanced diet of smaller and more frequent meals with ample amounts of complex carbohydrates and organic animal proteins is a good start.
diet for hearing loss
2.Adding more warming foods, such as organic chicken and lamb, can help strengthen the kidney yang energy.
3.Scallions, sesame seeds, fish, baked tofu, soybeans, walnuts, eggs, lentils, black beans, lotus seeds, ginger, and cinnamon bark are also helpful.
4.Avoid cold and raw foods and icy beverages, as the coldness may constrict the eustachian tubes, causing poor drainage from the inner ears.
5.Maintain a diet low in saturated fats, and eliminate fried and greasy foods.
6.Avoid processed meats and dairy products, as they have a tendency to increase mucus production. Protein deposits similar to those in milk have been found in the inner ear of patients with partial hearing loss.

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