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Hearaing aids

I purchased a pair of Widex Passion hearing aids about a year ago.  I have gone back over and over again to have them adjusted and I still hear better without the aids than I do with them.  I have an 85 db loss above 2500 cycles.

Is this a common occurrence?  Are Widex Passions considered one of the best hearing aids or is something else substantially better?
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You are better off going to your local NHS Audiology Department for hearing aids than buying them privately. You are more likely to get prescribed the most appropriate hearing aid for your hearing loss.
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I disagree with Cathy to some degree here. The Widex Passion is a great hearing system. My question is what style were you fitted with? This may be the culprit. Some styles either rest against the canal wall restricting sound or you may be experiencing insertion loss due to placement in the canal. This has nothing to do with who fitted you. I have had AUD (doctors of audiology) that missed this situation. A hearing instrument specialist is another person that can help. This is what they specialize in. Request a remake or different style.
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I have heard about the hearing fix rejuvenation product for improve your hearing .My friend is also using this. Now his hearing capacity is improved, he can hear better now.
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This is something that may help temporary noise induced losses. I would not rely on this to correct presbycusis (hearing loss associated with aging) or permanent hair cell damage.
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