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Is it really Meniere's disease?

I was diagnosed yesterday,after only one visit, with menieres disease. I've been miserable for the last five weeks. Dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated, I've lost twenty pounds in the last month. I often feel like I am falling even if I am sitting or laying down. I do also have tinnitus and pressure in my left ear and forehead. My hearing has always been bad in my left ear since I was a child. I'm 43 now. My confusion is that in reading about MD. It seems like my symptoms are a bit different. My first episode of vertigo I was 26. No ear pressure, no loss of hearing, no tinnitus. The doctor said my sinuses were blocked, gave me prescription Sudafed and two days later I was fine. My second bout of Vertigo was after being on a boat in a boat lift cleaning and waxing. Vertigo and dizziness for a month but again, no tinnitus, no ear pressure, no hearing loss. Then, during an extremely stressful time. I had roughly 6 bouts of vertigo in a year and just felt bad often. No tinnitus during any of that and I didn't notice any hearing loss. The vertigo seemed to happen if I rolled over on my left side. I trained my self to stay off that side and eventually the vertigo stopped. Roughly six months later I had Tinnitus really bad for about two months. I cut back on salt, cut out caffeine and stopped clinching my jaw(stress again) and the tinnitus stopped.Five years, no problems. Then last fall, after spending three weeks installing vinyl plank flooring and trim and getting up and down a thousand times, I stood up and the world spun. A few days later I had a full blown vertigo attack and ended up in the hospital. They said my eardrum was sucked in. I felt crappy for about a month and then it cleared up. Again, no tinnitus, no noticeable hearing loss. No problems for 11 months and started feeling bad. I've been dizzy, lightheaded, some vertigo, tinnitus, ear pressure, forehead pressure, nausea, can't sleep and just feel generally ill. Not necessarily congested but I had a cold just before this started and it got better in the middle then I had a few days of sneezing and it all came back even worse. I know this was lengthy but doesn't this sound like it could be something other than Meniere's disease. My symptoms don't seem a typical to me from what i've read. Any help would be appreciated.
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