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Large expansile lesion in left maxillary sinus

In April 2014, I had a tooth extracted and supposedly a bone graft done at the same time.  It was very obvious after the extraction that something was wrong.  The dentist had basically destroyed my jaw and removed 90% of my jaw bone in the area of the extraction.  Called the dentist and said this was normal and not to worry about it and to keep my appointment for the bridge a week later.  I cancelled and went to another dentist that I trusted.  Had my X-rays transferred and was told the tooth didn't need extracted and he referred me to an oral surgeon for a bone graft since the original dentist only shoved bone graft material in my left maxillary sinus.  In June, I had the bone graft procedure and immediately started having problems.  The day after the surgery, I had blood pouring out of my left nostril and developed and very nasty sinus infection.  Antibiotics cleared up the infection but I continued to have pain and swelling.  When the oral surgeon removed the protective covering from the bone graft, the next day I developed swelling on the roof of my mouth - the left side under my maxillary sinus - and developed purulent discharge from the bone graft area.  More antibiotics - 5 additional courses - and that cleared up.  I continued to have severe headaches, dizziness and vision problems.  Was told by the oral surgeon that this was normal considering the amount of work he did.  I continued to complain and finally the doctor I work for ordered a CT Scan which showed an expansile lesion of the left maxillary sinus.  Almost complete opacification of the sinus cavity.  Off to the ENT.  After his exam, he mentions surgery under general anesthesia to remove the lesion.  He said he wouldn't be comfortable doing an in office procedure to drain the lesion in case it was something more - cancer.  Surgery is schedule for February 9,  2015.  Left maxillary antrostomy, bilateral a turbinate reduction, left ethmoidectomy and septoplasty.  Is it normal to do all these procedures at once and how long is the recovery time?  He said if he doesn't do the septoplasty since I have a severe deviation to the left, my maxillary sinus might not be able to drain and the lesion could come back.  I am beyond nervous and scared.  I really want this taken care of so I can feel better and I am so tired of having to take pain medication because the headaches, facial and jaw pain are so severe.  Has anyone had these procedures done?  I was told that expansile lesions are very rare in the maxillary sinus and they believe it occurred when the original dentist shoved the bone graft material into the sinus cavity.
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did you have the surgery?
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I m having surgery for something else but they said that it might be why my ears are ringing
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