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MYSTERY: Severe tinnitus, sensitivity to sounds, dizzy, hot flashes...

Let me begin by saying that I have been to a few doctors over the past couple of months and still no one can tell me what's wrong. I went to one ENT and he said I was, "fine" and that everything was "normal."

Time to get a different opinion.

I've been researching my symptoms for the past few weeks and I'm starting to get frustrated. Here's what's been going on:

Ever since I was a little kid I heard buzzing in my ears. I didn't know it was possible NOT to hear it. Sometimes, (especially when it's quiet but it also happens when there's noise) the ringing escalates to the point where I get agitated and feel like ripping my ears off.

To add to that, if I am talking with someone and we are speaking rather loudly, when the noise lessens, my ears will feel like they are exerting a pressure outwards. Kind of like your ears pop when you change elevations. It's very hard to describe but that's as close as I can get. I also have frequent headaches which I've never had.

Within the past year I have begun to get hot flashes. Keep in mind that I am a college student. I will feel this internal heat that is unbearable. The room could be cold but it'll be there. Usually the heat is the first sign of having "an episode." I have suffered from panic attacks for the past three years and have recently discovered that when I have a dizzy spell, it starts out feeling like a panic attack without the hyperventilating. I get overheated, my chest begins to tighten up like I'm about to panic, then I feel light headed and dizzy and then (recently) my vision will start to blur out. The last symptom is I'm always nauseous. And no, I'm not pregnant.

I have NEVER had anything like this until the last year. I always had the ringing in my ears but never had problems with being dizzy or perpetually nauseous.

All this and the ENT thinks I'm fine and there's nothing wrong with me.

Does this sound like anything to you? I'm at a loss here.

Thank you so much for your time!
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Tinnitus is a very complex condition and it sounds like yours is interfering with your life. Have your visited the American Tinnitus Association website?   www.ata.com
There are numerous resources and tinnitus therapies presented and discussed.  I would recommend that you use them as a resource.
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Dear Svalb.
You have your symptoms likely because you are born with a genetic type of hypersensitive nerve system linked to migraine. Maybe you are sensitive to estrogen or something you eat like MSD or coffein. Avoid junc food, avoid everything containg any MSD, avoid coca cola. SSRI medication might reduce your hypersensitivity.
Kindest regards
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My brother in law had ringing of the ear since he was a child. A friend recommended for him to take grape seed extract.Take it as per instructions on the bottle.  It took a few months and with many other health benefits, his hearing is now fine after 40  years of the problem.. Be patient. Grape seed extract is an antioxidant that is written in the Book of Miracle Cures. It was founded by Dr. Mosquelier and he won the Nobel Prize for this discovery.
So  use any brand of grape seed that has his name on it.  

Panic attacks could be caused by Magnesium deficiency. Pls search on YOUTUBE re Magnesium deficiency. You will learn a lot about your symptoms..

Good health wishes for you. Take care.
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