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Recurring Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

I first discovered SSHL in June 2021 in my right ear when audio in my ear felt little strange when listening using ear plug headphones. I went to an ENT and he got me tested with Audiometry & Impedance based on which the ENT advised mild rising sensorineural hearing loss. I was put onto medication- Diamox (250mg) for 4 weeks.
Post the diagnosis Audiometry was conducted again but there was no improvement so the ENT adviced that nothing much can be done it is natural loss and told me to get retested in 6 months to check if the situation worsens to go for MRI.
In Dec 2021 I woke up one day with almost no hearing in the same ear (right ear) and went to different ENT who got my Audiometry tested which said I had moderately severe mixed hearing loss. The ENT then put me on steroids (Deflazacort) for 5 weeks with decreased potency of medicine for every week along with Vertin 16mg (thrice daily and Micronutrients). He also got me checked with brain MRI to rule out any growth/tumor in brain, the MRI came out fine with no growth(consulted a neurologist as well who ruled out any neurological issue). 5 weeks after my steroid course my condition improved significantly and my audiometry test showed only low frequency hearing loss.
But in Mar 2022 I have again started developing hearing loss in the same right ear (yesterday my audiometry test shows mixed hearing loss in right ear.
The ENT again got my Impedance test done and it came out fine, further he has put on steroids again and is consulting other doctors as well to understand the issue since he feels it should not have recurred after first steroid shot, he feels it could either me auto-immune disorder or he thinks he might do a procedure to check if there is fluid loss from beneath the ear drum, the procedure will involve lifting the ear drum and checking it.
It is my humble appeal if anyone who has faced similar issue can help me for more insights because I feel since recovery after steroids is not lasting I might lose hearing forever in my right ear or worse if it is an auto-immune disorder it might spread to other areas as well.
I would be willing to share any other details if required.
Thanks in advance!
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