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SSHL recovery timeframe

at what point does a person with diagnosed SSHL, who has already been treated with oral steroids and tympanic injections of steroids, give up hope of experiencing any further hearing improvement?
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How crazy! I can imagine that would be overwhelming.

I have mild hearing loss and tinnitus, but mine fluctuates and is on the mend right now. Mine is neurological, however--the hearing nerve or brain stem rather than the middle ear or inner ear. I have multiple sclerosis.

I hope you feel better soon!

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I too have just been diagnosed with SSHL.  Its two weeks out with no improvement.  Blood work normal MRI normal.  This site give me hope that maybe i can regain some hearing.  Nice to know i am not alone
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I was just diagnosed 2  weeks ago. I have been taking Prednisone and have had 2 shots in the ear. I am starting to hear some faint noises. I was wondering how others are doing and if the hyperbaric treatment helps.
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Looks like I just joined a group of confused, angry, people.  I too have been diagnosed with SHL.  Now I am confused, angry and hoping that my hearing comes back also.  

Last week I laid down to take a nap and woke up with no hearing in my right ear.  The buzzing is awful.  Non stop.  I did go to urgent care the next morning and received a steroid shot and the next week made it to the ENT.  Still, the news is not favorable.  I think what irritates me the most, is that my husband had to call about 8 ENTs to get me into one in a timely fashion.  By then it would have been a month or longer.  

Why don't the ENTs make it an effort to treat this urgently.  We are all angry and confused when this first happens.

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I am very surprised you had trouble getting into an ENT quickly, if you made very clear to them that it was a SUDDEN hearing loss. ENTs should know that is an otological emergency. At least it used to be so considered; I'm not sure whether that has changed due to the lack of success and knowledge in treating it. (Supposedly 90 percent of cases remain without a known cause.) Still, I'm shocked you had to call that many.

Good luck--hope you get your hearing back. If not, Baha has been a good solution for me.
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I and to go to a second ent to get aggressive treatment. I went to a local urgent care and they miss diagnosed. I went to my Dr. they just gave me antibiotics. 2 days later I did get into a local PA ENT. She diagnosed it correctly but just gave me a low dose of prednisone. I decided to get a second opinion and fortunately I did get into a top ENT. She was great and gave me both shots and a higher dose of prednisone. She also suggested taking zinc. It's been 4wks now and I have recovered a good portion of my hearing. Unfortunately I still have the tinnitus. I was fortunate to aggressively try to get the right treatment. Most folks aren't that fortunate.
Good luck!
How much Zinc was recommended. I just found this site.  I recently was diagnosed
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