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Sudden Sensory Hearing Loss

I was driving to work on October 14, 2015 and I heard what I though was an accident - a very LOUD boom.  Later that afternoon, I noticed my ears were still ringing and my left ear felt full (like I just got off an airplane).  I tried using a nasal spray for 2 days.  Nothing.  Went to general practice doctor on October 17, 2015 and was told I had fluid in my Eustachian tube, prescribed Nasonex and told to take Sudafed; if not better in a few days to follow up with an ENT.  Later that night I lost all hearing in my left ear.  First thing Monday morning, October 19, 2015, I made an appt with ENT as my sense of balance was so off and all the while I have a non-weight bearing cast on my left foot (broken 5th metatarsal bone) making things especially difficult.  I just figured I'd have the ear drained and be done with it.  That's when the ENT said I have Sudden Sensory Hearing Loss.  100% deaf in my left ear.  I had my first prednisone injection in my inner ear and started on 60 mg oral prednisone for 10 days and then step down every 3 days for the next 10 days (6/3/2/1).  After my second injection on October 26, 2015, I could actually hear words - faint words, but words.  I had my 3rd and final injection on November 2, 2015.  I am just today finishing up my last prednisone pill.  So I have been optimistic as my hearing seems to be coming back, even though the ringing is constant and does not subside I have just adjusted to it.  However....today I feel again as if my head is full and my hearing is squawky/tinny.  Has anyone experienced a set back like this?  Thanks for reading and for all the other posts.  I feel like no one around me understands what I'm going through...how devastating this is.
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Hi Cindy,
I experienced the same thing after waking up deaf in my left ear on 8th October, treated within 12 hours with prednisolone 50mg for two weeks and five intratympanic injections one per week first starting at 11 days after onset. To date I have not had much hearing return, in fact it initially got worse (went from mid to severe in mod to high frequencies to total dead ear. After first injection I went back up to profound at 90db loss in low to mid tones - no word recognition at all. I'd love to know if anyone out there has had recovery after 6 weeks, from what I've read if it doesn't happen in first two weeks then it's pretty much gone for good.
It's great you've had a bit more success than me, unfortunately I've read that things can decline after stopping prednisone so I'd definitely get an appointment with your ENT as soon as possible to follow up and get more audiology done to ascertain hearing status.
Good luck, I hope you continue to improve.
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Can I also strongly suggest you join this group on Facebook, you will get a lot of support from people in a similar situation and are generally more than happy to answer your questions about this horrid condition.

This is the group you can search for and send friend request to :
Sudden hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing)
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