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Will my hearing go back the normal?

I was walking home from a bar and got asked for a lighter by these 2 guys. i told them i didn't smoke and they called me a liar, there was a bit of arguing going on. i went to walk away and one of them punched me in the face, i went to the floor and tried to cover my head but i received quite a few stamps and kicks to the head. I managed to get away and get a taxi home, i felt fine that night but i woke up and my hearing wasn't the same.. my own voice feels louder and deeper, my hearings dull in my right ear and everything in my left ear seems a lot louder, if a door shuts it or a motorbike goes past it just seems to be a lot more sensitive. When i hold my noes and go to pop my ears it also sounds like there's air coming out of my right ear.. it's been like this for 3 days now and i'm not quite sure what to do, i'm getting worried my ears going to be permanently like this? any help would be much appreciated!
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See an audiologist ASAP.  This person will test your hearing and give you an idea of what's going on in each ear.

Then see an otologist/ENT straightaway. This person may be able to do something about it, depending on the kind of problem you have. However, he will need the information from the audiologist.

The issue could be a burst eardrum, dislocated middle ear bones, or several other things. Some can be addressed through noninvasive surgical procedures.

I'm so sorry this happened to you. Let us know how things go!

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Thanks for your advice, i was trying to avoid the doctors as i've got my army selection for the paratroopers in 3 weeks and this is sure going to get me a lengthy deferral with it on my record. Is there any chance i can risk leaving it for 3 weeks? or does it need immediate attention? really appreciate your help, thank you.
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It sounds like a concussion - minor will go away on its own... look up to see symptoms and treatment.  On the other hand concussions can be serious.

I hope you filed a complaint with the police... it may help someone else from getting the same treatment.  Doesn't sound like the UK to me.  But, I haven't been in Europe at all in several years.  I do recall the shock way back in about 1990 when a colleague was mugged in Geneva just a block two from the UN facilities. Up to that point I considered Geneva absolutely safe from such.

Back in the 90s I was 6' 6" and 250 pounds, and never had anyone threaten me.  In the US size may not be enough.  

You say paratrooper, so you must be a "tough" guy, seriously, I am a veteran of the US Navy and always hold the higher risk military in high regard, but nothing I was up to doing myself.
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