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hearing aid

i want to know is any hearing aid in the world who support profound hearing loss or any possibilty a child can listen with with hearing aids if he have profound hearing loss 100dp pls tell me
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Hi Mudasar,

I am sorry, there is no hearing aid which can benefit a child with profound hearing loss. If your child is less than five years old, get a thorough auditory check up done along with CT scan and MRI. Plan for a cochlear implant.

All the best.

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I agree totally with the previous post.  My oldest grandson has profound hearing loss.  He is completely deaf in his right ear and nominal in his left.  My oldest grandson is now 8 years old and for 5 years of his life he had been diagnosed with autism.  Doctors and teachers would teach and work with him as an autistic child with a communication problem.  At the beginning of his 2 grade year in school, my wife and I (who have full custody of him) took him to another ENT to see about removing his tonsils and adnoids.  That is when we were surprised to find out, he was deaf.  What he can hear is tones, not words and has memorized those tones into his own language which he uses to answer us, correctly I must add.  The doctors tried a hearing aid on his bad ear, didn't work.  The doctors will not even attempt cochlear implants until he is much older, but even that is doubtful.  Best advice, while you are working on finding a good ENT or the right one for you child, start learning sign language, believe me, it will make all the difference in the world.  Once a non-hearing child knows they can now communicate, as they are learning, behaviors will diminsh.  My grandsons did, big time.  Learning sign language is wonderful.  If you are here in the USA, definitely learn ASL (American Sign Language), if not, still learning it in your native language as well as ASL will be a wonderful asset.
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