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tinnitus for 34years due to loud work in navy

Is there any treatment or repair
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I have Tinnitus in my right ear.  From my research and discussions with my otolaryngologists it is a symptom of the Stapes (stap-ez) not being able to vibrate in the middle ear.  Essentially, the Stapes is adhered by a lesion to the "oval window" which separated the middle from the inner ear.

The condition is correctable by a Stapedectomy.  The biological Stapes and oval window are replaced with a prosthesis and small section of skin from the body.  The results are quite good with a success rate of about 98%.  Considering the alternative of living with Tinnitius, I'd say the odds are in our favor.  The Tinnitus may also be minimized by a hearing aid.  Unfortunately, most insurance doesn't cover hearing aids whereas the surgery will porobably be covered.

I am scheduled for my Stapedectomy in September.  I recommend that you research all of this on the internet and discuss a plan of attack.  

Best of luck.
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Contact the University of Maryland Medical Center. In general, outcomes for tinnitus are not great, I have to warn you. But UMMC has the best outcomes, and they are constantly doing research in this area.

Best of luck!

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