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2 different ekgs. How much have they changed?

These are two different ekgs. Is there something new to be concerned with?

There are changes in 4 months... one is borderline and one is marked left axis deviation.
Just not sure what the changes mean.
I had two separate Takotsubo events, dec 2016 and March  2019 and subsequent chf.
I have frequent SOB and chest pressure.

July ekg
PR 143 ms
QRS Dur 162 ms
QT/QTc 429/444 ms
PRT axes -28 -26 152
BORDERLINE left axis deviation (<-20)
intraventricular conduction  delay 130+ ms
Abnormal ekg LBBB

PR 166
QRS dur 167
QT/QTc 436/443 ms
PRT axes -5 -31 104
MARKED left axis deviation  <-30
LBBB +120 ms QR dur 80+  
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The best way to upload pictures of EKGs as I’ve experienced is to put them into a google drive or something and send a link over.

Pictures should be close enough to see the entire 12 lead clearly and be taken straight on, not at an angle. This facilitates the use of electronic calipers so folks don’t gotta count 1000 small red boxes.

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Probably nothing. But you need PICTURES of an EKG.

Those words you see are horrifically inaccurate
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