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2 years of ongoing heart related problems any insight?

Hello, I am a 24yr old female, average height and weight. For the past two years I've been having ongoing problems with my health. I've seen multiple specialists, and each one has a different thought in what it could be but no confirmation. I've had dizziness, fainting spells, chest pain extending into my face/arms, weakness/tingling in both arms. My resting heart rate is around 40bpm, my lowest recorded heart rate was 26bpm and my blood pressure is always right around 120/80. Stress tests have all come back relatively uneventful, I had an MRI done that was described as unremarkable. I've had multiple holter monitors/ECGs done and for all of them I have had bradycardia, and Very irregular heartbeats. One cardiologist told me I had a heart block while another told me it wasn't possible? I was admitted to the hospital recently and was told things are definitely getting worse - heart rate going lower, more skipped beats, yet still no one has a conclusive answer! Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar and if they've had better luck getting a diagnosis.
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Where are you being treated?

Have you had an ep study?
I haven't had an ep study. I did see an electro physiologist , but it was at the beginning of my problems and he figured it would just go away on it's own within the year which didn't happen. I'm being treated in British Columbia.
Why am I getting emails to answer questions that I just noticed were asked 12 years ago.
Hmmm.  I would def push hard for an ep study...

I would also do a stress echo to see how you react to exertion.

Potentially a lhc and rhc may be needed.

If all checks out... Then I'd consider pacing.  But with a bad *** surgeon.

Do you get frequent dyspnea?  
I will ask next time I see my family doctor! I have done one stress echo last year and it was relatively normal. Had a bit of chest pain during the exercising, but nothing during the echo portion. I get pretty regular dyspnea, with and without physical exertion. They have talked about pacing but they decided they think I'm too young to have something like that so they are just wanting to monitor me now to see if anything happens.
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A heart that is not getting enough oxygen will cause your symptoms. I would not play around with this and find a cardiologist to do a arterior gram to check for blockages.
I've asked them about other tests and if there is anything else they can do but they keep telling me because of my age they want to wait it out.
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My input would be - you have had some major, only known tests to look for sinister things with your heart. Now don't get me wrong, some things can't be answered, however the fact you have no scarring or fibrosis on your MRI is fantastic. It's unlikely to be the result of some acquired myopathy. I think a Holter monitor for a long period of time maybe a loop recorder for 12 months or so to get a good broad look at your heart rate over time. Are you athletically fit?
they have been doing a holter every few months, and I've also had quite a few hospital stays. When this started I was quite athletic, working out 5 days a week, had a very active job, and a very outdoorsy lifestyle. Since all of this because of the dizziness and the chest pain I haven't been able to be as active as before but I am still trying to do as much as I can.
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