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27 Male, High Cholesterol, Worried

27 Male, High Cholesterol

Oh no, high Cholesterol at 27, that’s bad is it not?

I have been ill for roughly 3 years, having been posting on and off on the forums during that time ( Mostly in ENT) anyway, recently was treated  for a deviated septum which helped with my sinus issues but did not make me feel that much better  to be honest.

So to get on topic, I changed Dr and straight away he ordered blood samples,  I got the  dreaded letter in the post to contact the Dr regarding my recent blood samples. I actually got excited as for the 3 years of looking for the cause of my illness no one had found anything, except for the sinus probs.

So I was told over the phone that my Cholesterol level was at 6 and that I need to get it in around the 4.5 mark. (Excitement gone)

Is this rating high or?

I am really worried, my problem is that the more websites I read the more I worry about heart disease, and the more I convince myself of the symptoms.

I have had 2 x ECG’s  over the last few years, one recently (Last 6 months) both were normal. One was at hospital as I had chest pain and left arm pain, Dr put it down to stress rather than heart problem being cause.

I am due back at the nurse I think for more blood tomorrow, then the  Dr next week again, is that Cholesterol level dangerous? Should I try for a sooner appointment?

One of my main problems over the last few years was a pressure like headache and pinching type headache among other symptoms of fatigue, pale (Not all the time), and general feeling of ill. Ear pain and pressure, eyes etc etc. A lot of the symptoms were sinus symptoms hence the deviated septum Op.

Now I am worried that all along these symptoms have  been heart related, I am heart scared :-)

I have instantly changed my diet. I am not over weight but have the beer belly thing going on, so I guess that doesn’t help, I used to drink quite a lot but have also stopped that. Fast food was always on my menu, and although starting only today, I have stopped that.

Do you think the Dr will send me for more tests, or what questions should I be asking him?

I want to also mention that I seem to have an inflammation problem, this had not been confirmed though, I would like to know if there is a link.

Inflammation and Gingivitis of the Gums (On and off for about 10 years), and obviously the inflammation of the Nose and recurring Sinus infections.

My general feeling of unwell is just getting me down, there are some days I feel great and have good motivation and concentration, and other days I feel sick and just want to sleep or sit like a vegatable. Hopefully the cause is found soon.

All comments welcome
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It is high but not too much. You'll probably need pravachol 20 mg once a day, that is what I was taking :) Try to increase your "good" cholesterol. This is more important than lowering the "bad cholesterol". Eat fish, nuts and DO exercise. If you can "really" change your diet you may not have to use cholesterol drugs for ever.
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Having Gingivitis can lead to heart problems. Use Listerine twice a day and put the Listerine on your toothbrush and brush your gums lightly with it.  I have had Gingivitis also, but have it under control now with the Listerine mouthwash.  The cholesterol is a warning sign that you need to take better care of yourself.  No more drinking and no more fast food.  Stay away from processed foods such as lunch meat, hotdogs, and nitrate foods such as Ham.  Eat Salmon which will help raise your HDL and Omega 3 eggs.  Dark chocolate also works for raising HDL.  If you stop eating beef your cholesterol will usually drop a lot.  Mine dropped from 101 to 79 for LDL when I stopped eating beef.  I have not had any beef for 13 years now.  I eat boneless chicken baked and only about 4 ounces at a meal, lots of organic vegetables, fruit, rice, salmon, every one in a great while I will have a little pork.  Your diet should improve your cholesterol, but you may still have to take some cholesterol medication.  Most doctors are on a tiny bit of cholesterol medication even if they do not have high cholesterol.  I know all the doctors our family sees are on cholesterol medication (a very small amount).  Hope you are feeling better.  Try not to worry.  Take care.
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Thanks very much for the replies. I went to see my Dr today in person,  even though my Cholesterol level is at 6, he said this is ok and nothing to worry about, just a little high. He gave me some diet information to read over. I was quite surprised I thought it was more cause for concern.

I will continue with my healthy diet, think its best to start somewhere. This week I have eat no fast food, and no chocolate and sweets J  Started taking Vitamin C tablets and Fish Oil tablets, thanks for the info in the posts above, I will follow those and the sheet provided by the Doc.

No Caviar was one of the banned foods on the Dr’s list lol, how disappointed I was J

So that was that, he gave me some tablets for my recurring sinus problems and heartburn. While I was there I asked him to check my BP, which he said was fine. I have one of these home BP testers that gives mixed results, but the proper machine at the Dr’s always reads fine, so that put my mind at rest. I take it if there is significant heart problems your BP range is not going to be fine?

Anyway I have noticed lately that if I do any sort of exercise or even get out of my chair and stand up fast it causes a very heavy heartbeat, not fast but heavy, heavy enough to shake my body, do you think its just a general case of unfit? It worries me.

I am due testing for allergies sometime soon, I am hoping that this will also rule out some of my problems.

Thanks again
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