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2D echo

hello sir ,
Ihave done echo 2 days ago and my report is just  ike that -
  Left Ventricle - normal size cavity
                          no RWMA
                          good LV systolic function with EF - 65%
                           Reduce  diastolic compliance (grade -I,E -= 0.74 m/sec , A-0.92 m/sec )
   Right ventricle - Normal
  Right atrium    -  Normal
   Left  atrium - Normal  
Mitral valve - Normal leaflets , good excursion ,normal subvalvular apparatus
Tricuspid Valve - normal leaflets , normal size annulus
Aortic valve -  normal - three cusps - no thickeing , good systolic excursion .
                     AV - 1.60 m/ sec
pulmonary valve - normal cusps , good systolic excursion .
IAS -                 intact .
IVS -                 intact
  pericardium -  Normal
no vegetation or intra - cardiac mass / thrombus .
normal great arteries - left sided aortic . No  PDA or CoA .
situs  - Solitus .

Please tell me about these .
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Everything seems just fine except for the reduced  LV diastolic compliance.

Diastolic dysfunction is an abnormality in the relaxation phase of the heart beat during which the heart is filling with blood in preparation for the next ejection.
There are 3 grades: Grade 1 (mild), Grade 2 (moderate) , and Grade 3 (severe). Your rport says grade 1, so mild dysfunction.

As we age, findings compatible with grade 1 are commonly observed. If there is no progression, Grade 1 is compatible with a normal life span and is usually reversible when the cause for it is taken away.

Often hypertension causes it.
Do you have hypertension?
suggest some medicines  
Your will have to discuss the type of medicine with your cardiologist.
There are many types of medicines and sometimes a combination of different types is needed to get the blood pressure under control.

Apart from medicine, a healthy lifestyle can also play a role in lowering blood pressure. (no excessive use of salt, healthy bmi, etc.)
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