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6 weeks to live...

My mother had a heart attack in may, which ended up as a bypass surgery on 6 different arteries. She pulled through with some time and seemed to be getting stronger over the weeks. She has been losing weight all along though and does not seem to have an appetite. She recently went to the doctor and when he listened to her heart he told me that she had only 6 weeks to live. I feel as if he has given up on her and tells me that he heart is very week.

As a family we were wondering if anyone knows of any alternative medications/herbal remedies for overall heart health, not to cure of course but to prolong this diagnosis?

Also, wondering if anyone has used hawthorn berries/capsules/tea?
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I'm sorry that your family is going through this difficult process.  What reason does your mom's doctor give for the "6 weeks" comment?  Is your mom hospitalized?  Does she have CHF?  If so, you may want to have her see a CHF specialist.  There are some great treatment regimes out there, and your mom may benefit from one of them.  As you said, it may not alter the course of her situation, but it could improve her chances and/or improve her quality of life.
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he gave the 6 weeks comment due to the fact that when he listened to her heart he said that it is very weak. When I asked if there was anything we could do he turned me to the ideas of hospice and letting her do whatever she would like to fulfill her days. Obviously not what I was looking for. She is mobile. Living at home, but obviously weak. She is able to care for herself with assistance that my sisters, father, and I give her. Her heart was badly damaged by her heart attack but he has never diagnosed it as CHF.  

Have you ever heard of the use of Hawthorn Berries?
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I have heard of Hawthorn berries, but am not familiar with what they are used for.  Try posting your question on the "Ask a Doctor" site (above left).  Maybe the doctor will be able to help some.

Have you thought about getting a second opinion for your mom?  Would she be interested?  
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the main point thats being missed is this doctor is a proffesional,and has no doubt encountered this curcumstance many times,if you truley have no faith in his decision,then you can only get another opinion,this forum is fine for getting by and shareing personal experiences,but were disscusing ahuman life here,and none of us on this forum can give this lady what she needs ,only our best wishes to her and family,excepting a decision of this magnitude can only leave dispair,and disbeleif,i would only say have you had the opinion of the actual surgeon?
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I'm sorry for this bad news, however I have never heard of a doctor with the ability to give someone a life expectancy based on listening to a heart with a stethascope. DEFINATELY get another opinion.
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Sugarpea013 says it so well. I would find a new cardiologist, and not just for a second opinion either. If her doctor believes this, it is more likely to happen. There are too many good medicines for a failing heart.

I have tried Hawthorne berry extract (berry and plant). It caused me to have angina and palpitations. Digitalis, which is made from the Foxglove plant, strengthens the beat of the heart.

Best wishes for your Mother's recovery,

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This is a good link you can find all the alternative/herbal remedies, many suggested supplements are listed,and explaned ,also you can contact the therapist free of charge, he treated himself alternative way. My best for your mother !
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