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Afraid I might have Pulmonary Hypertension MPAP 25 on echo. Help please.

My cardiologist says I do not have PH and that my functionality and measurements are normal... However, my echo report said I have an MPAP of 25. I read that PH is diagnosed as at or above 25 usually using catheterization to check after a high pap on echo.

My left,right heart were normal size and thickness. Vena cava was normal Respiratory variation at >50% with RAP 5-10 mmhg. All my valve flow patterns were normal. Trace regurgitation of the Tricuspid valve and trace to mild in the Pulmonary valve.  Noted no evidence of diastolic dysfunction.

I read there is sometimes a discrepancy between systolic pap measured by catheterization vs echo. My cardiologist said echo pap was generally accurate. While she said I am healthy, she would not say whether my pressures would get worse or if I can have a kid safely. She said they have to consider more than just mpap for diagnosis. Many websites have reports saying they are very close measurements with a systolic pressure range +/-  of 2 rather than 10mmhg. The study population of the range of 2 was much bigger than the study where range of 10 was found. This makes me confused about the actual inaccuracy rate.

Is this the beginning of pulmonary hypertension, or is it just a measurement of my test which I should not worry about? The reason for the echo: short of breath on planes, rarely a central sleep apnea (likely harmless sleep onset) plus I had 3 or 4 times where I felt either sob or lightheaded from laughing. No problems with walking.

With an echocardiogram MPAP of 25, do I have to avoid flying or having kids? Is there no basis for avoiding since its an echo test result and not catherterization? Should I seek a second opinion or just accept what my cardiologist said and live my life,fly, have kids and assume I really am ok. How often are echo mpap actually inaccurate?
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I would really like someone's opinion as my cardiologist barely tells me anything. My anxiety is very high lately because of this.
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Get and exercise rhc... Get to the bottom... I've had 6

They are pretty safe and will give you a clear answer.
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Was your echo measurements often different from the catheter measurements? Did you find you had PH?
They can be... Especially without exertion.  It's important to get seen at a pah clinic to really rule it out.
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Update : I was denied a second opinion. I feel nervous to fly and have kids now. I'm not even a doctor so it's almost ridiculous I feel this way. I figure it's possible they overestimated my mpap.. Perhaps they measured the rap incorrectly which threw my mpap higher than it actually is? If anyone in this forum has had or has witnessed an incorrect mpap id like to hear about it.  
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