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After angiogram still feeling terrible any ideas

Male 57 healthy never been on meds, gym rat. In February I felt like crap, tired, flu like, headache and dizziness. I went to outpatient and my blood pressure was 159/109 but nothing else the Dr could find wrong. I made appt with GP 2 weeks later because I still felt like crap. Again he couldn't find anything wrong except BP. This time 150/100. He asked what happened? I've seen this Dr every year for the last 15 and never had a BP over 130/80. Dr put me on BP meds. This stuff was terrible!! I took it for about 2 weeks. Couldn't handle it anymore and went back to Dr and ended up seeing his nurse practitioner. Still feeling like crap and dizzy she did an EKG. She said it had a little funny thing to it and got me into a cardiologist with in a week.
First thing the cardiologist did was changed my med. The new Med works great. Then the cardiologist sent me for a 24 hr heart monitor and a stress test that of course my insurance denied a couple times but finally I got it.
The cardiologist finally got the okay to do a angiogram. This happened the end of April and he found one of my arteries 70% blocked the others were 40%. The cardiologist decided that he would treat me with meds instead of putting a stent in it. I went on a daily cholesterol medicine ( 50mg Losartan) and of course my BP Med (40mg Atorvastatin). Saw the cardiologist for a check up at end of June. Still feeling like crap he said that there is nothing wrong with my heart.
Got in to a neroligest the first week of July and had a MRI on head. She said it was negative and come back and see her in 3 months.
2 weeks ago I was feeling terrible I went to the ER. BP was 133/113. EKG was normal and all blood work was normal. 3 hrs later I walked out with nothing.
I had a follow up with my GP last week since my ER visit. I'm still feeling like crap. My left eye waters, both forearms and hands tingles, lower chest, more like very very upper abdomen has on/off pain, very dizziness and of course I feel that something is definitely wrong. Dr wants a MRI on my neck to see if upper spine or pinch nerve is the problem.
I don't know where to turn. My gut says heart. All my symptoms says heart. All online checkers says heart. All Drs say " not your heart". Any ideas?
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