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After the bypass

Had a triple bypass in August, 2013. Still having pain in right breast.left has some numbness. When I cough I feel like the plates are moving. Scar still has lumps and bumps as does the leg where they harvested the veins. Is all of this normal and how long does it take for these feelings to go away? Also I take Percocet only rarely when I can't stand the pain any longer. Still have problems with lifting.
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August 2013? you shouldn't have any discomforts now? That was a year and 5 months ago?
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Please consult your doctors and ask about EECP treatment. That will surely help.
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Your comment brings back memories.  The plates are wired together, an x-ray gives a graphic that makes this clear.  Some people, I know, have a lot of movement, I think it is how tight the wires were applied.  The President of the company I worked for and I were admitted and had bypass within days of each other, his chest shifts around a lot, mine is tight.  I have those bumps and lumps, he doesn't.  In my case, some of the bumps are just the wires, but a couple of them were stitching material that didn't dissolve and had to be fished out, not a big deal, but relieved a lot of pain.  The leg issue where the vein was harvested, I think it varies from patient to patient.  I hope you have brought this up with your surgeon for his/her ideas.  Another issue that can come up, it sure has in my case, is that you can get a 'bulging' along the scar, which is a hernia of sorts, and can get very sore, especially when coughing.  There is talk about putting some kind of patch over it.  Hope that helps a bit, do keep us informed, it will help us all.  
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