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Alcoholic with sinus Trachycardia

I have a question why when I drink for 3 days straight ..in essence binge I get a motel room alone and just just like 10 bottles of wine and like 6 24 oz beers over 3/half days.When I go to the er my heart rate is at like 124 bpm and blood pressure is elevated is it the withdraw..or is it dyhrdration.I drink lots of water during these episodes but I confused why I go through this!!
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Both withdrawal and dehydration.
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Why doenst happen when you have a scoial night out do people get dehydrated from one night ouT!
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It's due to the amount of alcohol you're ingesting and how much time you're doing it in, you're talking about some very significant amounts here.  Depending on how often you do this the withdrawal can be very intense.

Why do you feel the need to get a room and binge? I think that's what I would be more concerned with.

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