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Am I dying?

For almost 4 months after a panic attack I have had pain un chest ckmes and goes left, right, middle, beneath left breast area, left side again beneath breast area and lughr headeness.

Been hospital amd to doctors, have had 2 ECG's, Chest Xray, Blood Tests, Kidney/Bladder/Prostate ultrasound but all fine and am told its "anxiety" Blood pressure is high 150/90 but again told its anxiety.

Have being on zoloft/sertraline 6 weeks now and last couple weeks have been ok up until about 48 hours ago when I paid attention to the pains again. Also noticed mt appetite is ridicolous now and i weigh 18 stone (have put a stone on almost since starting the tablets)

Now I worried myself again went back doctors friday still saying it is anxiety and the weight gain should settle in the new year as should the Blood pressure but got to diet and go back to doctors couple weeks into Jan.

I now think I have enlarged heart, hesrt diseasrme, ready for a heart attack etc and hqve a head ache because I keep on thinking the worse.  

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No you are not dying and yes it is anxiety. You need to believe this. You can control this and it will take time to come to terms with it. I have been dealing with the EXACT same symptoms as you an it was also said to be benign. Your health is like a table, it has 4 legs (Mental health, physical health, diet, and excercise) if you leave out any of those things the table will tilt and you will have anxieties in your life. Take care of your mental health as much as you would your physical. Try taking fish oil at night, it lowers the stress causing cortisol in the morning. Also start excercising, it is very important for anxiety and depression (at least 30 min a day). Lastly try CBD oil. I take .7mg 2x daily and my panic attacks are gone. Also start journaling and writing down each time you have an episode but DO NOT obsess over it. Let it go as though you are letting a balloon go into the sky. Think no more of it.
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I won't lie, I struggle accepting it is anxiety but at the same time have kind off accepted it why I started taking the sertraline/zoloft.

I am now bordering depressed as putting weight on is pulling me down even laying on my back I get a squashed feeling whrn I take a deep breath all I can put it down to is abdominal obesity.

I take cod liver oil, coq10, magnesium, allicin, Vitamin D and as of today black seed oil after dinner
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Do you feel worse during exertion?

Do you feel worse with certain body positions?

Do you have a history of anxiety and depression?

Bc if i am being honest these symptoms don't seem like anxiety to me.
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No I dont believe so although I wouldn't say I have overly exerted myself the last few months. Walking to my doctors (about 1/2 mile) walking shop, housework etc.

Not that I have noticed

Not so much BUT I do have a history of anger problems, alcohol abuse in my youth and smoked alot of cannabis in my younger days.
On one of my posts the start of last month I believe you commented and said it wasn't anxiety and advised having a full work up vq scan etc.

When I replied and asked if you was in the medical profession or speaj from experience you never replied.

Since then I have being to my doctor and asked about these tests and being told there is nothing in my blood tests, ECG's, Chest X-Ray, ultrasound on bladder/kidney/prostate/testicle, camera down throat check larynx and pharynx to warrant further tests but will refer me to a cardiologist on a non emergency list meaning it can take months to get an appointment.

The only thing that has come back a cause of concern is BP of 150/90 but even that I have being told can be down to anxiety and can be lowered with diet/relaxation techniques.

I have also spoke to a therapist who is starting CBT in the coming weeks as they also belive it to be anxiety.

I am interested as to what you think this may be considering it has now being going on for almost 4 months on and off.
Well I am a patient.  But also was a nurse before I started having issues.

I was misdiagnosed... even though i had 3 bilateral pulmomary embolisms, an asd ( hole in the heart) , mini stroke and a torn diaphragm...

The first three months before we found the pe's i was told I had anxiety.  Thanks to my nursing  backround I knew i did not and kept pushing.  Bc of the length it took to diagnose me i have now been incredibly ill for almost 4 years.  Looking forward to hopefully my final  surgery very soon.

So lets start with your symptoms...

You can pm instead so its private...

And ill explain why i dont believe its qnxiety one by one.
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