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Am I having heart problems?


I'm a 25 years old male, I've been smoking for 3 years.

Since last year, I noticed some palpitations, very mild chest discomfort on the left side…also some discomfort in my left arm specifically…so I went to two different cardiologists during this year, They both did an EKG and heart enzymes test and said that everything was perfectly normal and there is nothing to be afraid of.

so its been a year now and I do get the same feelings (chest and left arm discomfort, weird palpitations..) on and off, nothing painful at all but its just a weird feeling. so should I visit another doctor?

and the most important question is, is the EKG and the enzymes test enough to say that these symptoms aren't heart related?

Thank you
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Thought I'd add some info that might be important.

I'm a little bit overweight, no other health issues….I workout often very hard to lose weight and I don't get any chest pains afterwards.
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Did you have the symptoms during the EKG? If you get the symptoms every day, perhaps ask the doctor to fit you with a 24hr holter monitor.
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