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Anterior Infarct- Abnormal EKG

I had an ekg and it came back 'abnormal' and I have to go see an cardiologist . The Dr said he wasnt too concerned about my results, but didnt tell me what was wrong with the results.. Does anyone know what is indicating I may have had an Anterior Infarct? What's abnormal here??

My results for the ekg said:

Vent rate: 79 bpm
PR interval 170 ms
QRS duration: 96 ms
QT/QTc 384/440 ms
P-R-T axes 28 46 14
Normal sinus rhythm
Cannot rule out Anterior infarct, age undetermined
Abnormal ECG

--addition.. I've never had any health issues- I'm 39 and this is my first ekg
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Wait till you see your cardiologist.  My and my husband's  EKG's both showed that we had previous heart attacks, both EKG's done at different places, mine at the ER, my husband's at a Cardiologist's office.  Neither I nor my husband ever had a heart attack numerous tests we had to undergo because of these computerized EKG's who spit out tons of false heart attacks as the Cardiologist told me all the tests came out normal.  Never a heart attack.

Don't be afraid you will find that you are o.k.
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Barbarella is right, don't get too worked up about an EKG, they are interpreted by computers most of the time and are know for showing fales readings, let the cardiologist inerpret it. Last time I went in for my annual check up in August, they always start with an EKG. After the nurse did the EKG and the workup, my cardiologist came back in and told me the EKG showed I had suffered a heart attack since my last visit. We talked about how I've been feeling, if there were any symptoms, was I still able to exercise.... all kinds of possibilities. The bottom line is that I had been feeling great, having no problems working out daily and never had a symtpoms of a MI. After about 20 mins of being questioned, she said she wanted a more experience tech to retake my EKG which she did and it came back normal. The first one was incorrect due to a lead that was not placed properly. Moral of the story, there are many things that can cause an EKG to be wrong, but it could be right, let the Cardiologist work it out and try not to let it bother you until you can see them, I know, easier said than done............

Good luck to you,

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Hi there..I was just given a date for another BIG surgery..13-18 he I was told by my surgeon. Dr said get EGK and chest X-Easy, which I did yesterday. I asked the EKG tech to give me a copy of it, which she did. On my EKG it says "Consider Anterior Infarct"
Then also says...
"diminished R <0.15mv V3" EKG also says "Borderline T Abnormalities Leads" then also says.."T flat or neg, V2-V4" I don't see my surgeon until I go in for my surgery. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THIS STUFF MEANS PLEASE... Am I a possible soon to be heart attack waiting to happen here or what??? HELP!!
Anything advise would be helpful.
Thank so much..Please reply...
Markeen how are things working out for you? Its been a couple of yeara since you posted this
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