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Aortic valve thickening of leaflets question

Hello I had an echocardiogram and all was normal apart from Trileaflet aortic valve with mild thickening of the leaflets but no stenosis and no AR.
Ive been trying to research this... is the thickening Aortic sclerosis? would the result say if it had calcium build up as well? in everything I read it says its common over 65 im only 33, it also says it can progress to stenosis within 10 years. I have had the echo as I'm experiencing alot of VPBs, this finding has concerned me I was wondering if I can do anything to prevent complications and can this lead to Afib stroke etc?

Thanks :)
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Dear Zodiac,

It is hard to give you an accurate assessment of the situation without looking at your echocardiogram but I can give you some helpful pointers.
Aortic valve thickening, although abnormal, is a benign condition. There is no literature to suggest that it definitely progresses to aortic stenosis.
If you have a trileaflet aortic valve, it is very unlikely that you will develop aortic stenosis in your 40s or 50s. Hence, I don't think that you need to worry about it at this stage.
I presume that VPBs refers to ventricular premature beats. These do not predispose to stroke or atrial fibrillation and are considered benign in most people unless the burden is >10%. Hence, I don't think that this is a worrisome condition in your case.

Hope that helps
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Ok great thanks for that :) is this something often in others my age? I was surprised to see this on my report. Yes VPBs .. ventricular premature beats and  PVC's are what I have been having when Im stressed they often but Im trying to control that unfortunately I feel them very badly and they cause me alot of discomfort.
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I also had a echo that reported mildly thickened mitral valve with mild annular calcification & mild aortic root calcification. I had trivial regurgitation which they said is hardly any. EF>60% Everything else was all normal. I had a nuclear stress test in 5/10 that was completely normal, so I am confused about my echo & exactly what it means.

I don't know how common it is seen in younger people, or if it means
that we have CAD or future problems. Maybe this doc can give us some answers.
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