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Arrhythmia with Mitral and Tricuspid Insufficiency

So my dad 61 y.o. is diagnosed with arryhthmia and mild mitral insufficiency and moderate tricuspid insufficiency.

He doesnt have symptoms that lead to those disease. But he do knows that he has arrhythmia since 30 years ago.

I have a few questions about my dad condition

1. Are those bad? The cardiologist said that if my dad doesnt have any symptoms like edema or breathlessness then it doesnt need to be treated.

-My dad always sleeps with 2-3 pillow

-My dad doesnt have breathlessness when walking around. But my dad never do excercise so idont really know

-My dad always cough after he drinks and often have frothy white saliva (any explanation?)

-his Echo shows that RV function decreased TAPSE 15mm, E/A < 1 diastolic relaxation dysfunction

2. Whats the therapies for those disease? Or any surgery or workup that he needs to do?

3. Is it going worse? Whats the do’s and donts? And whats the prognosis

I’m really worried for him.

Because his doctor didnt say much about it
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So, your dad is basically lacking any symptoms so the doctor is saying he doesn't see a reason for treatment?  Just clarifying that.
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Yeah and he said my dad might need some antiplatelet. But my dad need to do some blood tests first. But because of this pandemic. My dad afraid of going out especially the hospital since he’s >60 y.o

So i’m searching for second opinion about my dad and hows the prognosis of the disease
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