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Atorvastatin morning nausea after 1 dose?

I have been told by my doctors for years that my cholesterol is bad. I was just prescribed 20mg Atorvastatin and took my first dose last night. I got about 5 - 6 hours of sleep which isn't uncommon for me,  but this stomach pain as if I'm hungry (which eating doesn't seem to help) is getting annoying. My main concern is though what im going through sounds like what Google said were side effects. Should I talk to my doctor? Considering I've only taken 1 dose.. thank you.
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Are you on an older beta blocker like atenolol . Older beta blockers raise bad cholesterol lower HDL Raise LDL and Trigs raise blood sugars and 50% chance of diabetes within 10 years . My numbers were 274 for total cholestrol fasting sugars 107 hdl 36 ldl 174. Stopped taking and within 1 week total cholesterol was 198 hdl 47 sugars 94 and ldl of 143. If you have had a heart attack statins are good but find one with lower side effects. Check all your meds to see which  can cause higher cholesterol. Liver and intestines produce cholesterol. Look into Vitamin D3 level of 50 alpha lipoic acid and milk thistle to detoxify liver. Probiotics with most meals and magnesium in the P.M. if you have healthy kidneys. Take Care!!!
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Have you had a heart attack or is the meds for cholesterol levels and prevention? The advice for looking at D3 and magnesium is good, recent science is now saying we have had it all wrong about cholesterol being the culprit, its in fact the body protecting itself from other issues, blocking cholesterol prevents many other functions, coq10, k2, calcium absorbtion etc, do some research, check on pub med. I personally would look at vitamin mineral deficiencies, healthy fat diet and even resveratrol
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