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Atrial Fibrillation & Stomach Gas, Digestive Tract Problems?

I saw another post about atrial fibrillation and stomach gas possible association or connection.  I too have the same thing so it may not be all in your head if your suspect this to be the case.  Most dr.'s think your crazy or never heard of this when you even suggest it.  Thats whats wrong with most dr's atleast in my experience in that they don't think outside the box enough possibly because this is what they learned.  I think I/we can guess or prognose just as well or better than they can at times particularly if we know something about health and or ourselves and our own health.  Never be afraid to speak up because I feel strongly that digestive tract problems are real and translate into other real nasty symptoms like this.  Fortunately we can prevent much of this & need to prevent it from happening. I do feel the more you get afib the worse it can become either physically, emmotionally or both no matter what the cause.  I thought up until now that I may have been the first to discover this but would like to know if anyone else has any real answers to this as being a connection?  I would like to know how many people feel that they get atrial fibrillation and feel that it may be related to gas or full, bloated stomach, intestinal or digestive tract troubles etc?  Isn't it possible
that the gas, bloat, perhaps inflamed digestive or intestinal tract can disturb the vagus nerve thereby possibly causing
you to go into an afib attack?  Any real dr's out there any more with some real info about this?  Even conjecture?
Any way I also would be interested in what anyone might have to say about it and or what they may have learned from this?   If you know or even think this to be the case for you I would also like to correspond with you to trade stories and info on what you''ve learned and done. Be well.  Sincerely, Rich - delcocat at aol *******
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Anyone have an idea if it could be the heart that starts the gas/burp?  I know it seems backwards, but I have read where certain type of angina, and it's main symptom besides pain, is burping.  

Docs want me to take a 3 day stay for Tikosyn to see if it curbs all these problems.  Past month I'm having all kinds of circulatory issues lately, all fingers swelling and numbness only on one hand, doc thought it was an infection but it turns blue when it's cold, fingers swell like sausages.  I wonder if it's related somehow.
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I suffered AF for more than 10 years and tried finding the root cause since the doctors each provided with different reasonings. After many drugs over many years of AF, I decided to avoid them all except Warfrin, which I agree is a preventive against possible stroke. I took time to check back the history, how it came about into my life and the obvious cause in mine were probably due to my prolong high blood epizodes for over many years thereby caused my heart to be a little enlarged distorting the normal rhythm of my heart but most noted when I experienced gassy stomach and also upon eating foods and some fruits that bring about this gas in my stomach. Having a fib gives you experiences like shortness of breath, confusion, fainting feeling and panicky feeling. Apparently I do feel better when I do not have this gassy stomach. Eating too many bananas and drinking coconut water also cause my a fib more obvious. I found that they contain high potassium that have effect on the heart beat.
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Thanks for sharing, Publo.  Same here, no burps, no AF.  It's always accompanied by the burping/gas.  I don't know which starts anymore, the heart causing the burps or the burps causing the heart...  The latter makes more since but one doc says he thinks it's the other way.  I don't know how but..

The meds were as bad as the AF.  I quit them too, just on aspirin.  I'm fearful of having an ablation because I feel that when I keep my vagus nerve calm, I'm good, I feel better than have in years, but if I have an ablation, then there's permanent scar damage, not to mention the risks and how some have died from having one done.  Also, docs tell me, if you're lucky you get a few years, before you have to back for another!  They consider that successfull!!!!  Not me.
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In my case I can prove the gas comes before the A-fib. As a Paramedic I'm fully qualified to read a cardiac monitor. Using a cardiac monitor when I get gassy I'll start to throw a bunch of PAC's then often go into A-flutter, which degenerates into A-fib with RVR.

As soon as I can relive the gas, the cardiac rhythm will start to correct in pretty much reverse order.  
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Just a followup..
Up until the last post I haven't posted in a while. For a bit of an update, I'm still doing pretty good. I'll occasionally have an A-fib event when I get gassy and didn't realize it was coming. for the most part I've been able to prevent the event by quickly treating building gas prior to it causing a problem. My trigger level still seems to be higher than it was prior to surgery, but it's still there.  
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Thank you much for posting.  I'm sorry to hear that anyone has to go through this, but, it is good to read from someone with professional medical field commenting from direct experience.  I go into it most every day and always burping.  I notice I feel my pulse stop or go irregular when I belch, so there's proof of the connection.

What do you do to relieve the gas and prevent the a flut/fib? Simethicone does absolutely nothing for me.  I belch and belch and the gas keeps building right back up in minutes.  Sometimes not even eating or drinking anything. It's like air just goes down the wrong way or something.
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My first line defense is Walmarts generic Multi-symptom Antacid-Antigas Berry tablets. It used to be sold as Rolaids but since they had their quality control issues they have been gone. 3-4 tabs generally help. If it feels like it's going to be a bad run, or I've already gone into Afib, I'll hit it with a mixture of those tabs, 2gas-X, and a Zantac-150.   I'll also generally take a Zantac-150 anytime I feel I'm starting to go acidic.

I've also found in my case, and this may not apply to others, I can inward and downward just below my ribcage and release gas not otherwise available to be burped out. So this is more of a mechanical intervention, but it works.
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thanks.  I do the inward/downward thing too, sometimes it helps.  I'll check out the tablets.  Often lying down helps to calm everything, and when I sleep I'm back to normal.  But lying on left side really intensifies that pounding.  Some docs make me feel like I need an ablation, others seem to shrug it off and say..you'll probably get an ablation within the next decade.

I have read from certain studies that when it's vagal related it doesn't progress to chronic.  Other studies suggest different.  Very scary if it were to become constant.
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Only problem with antacids even ones seemingly harmless as TUMS is that while they can initially help they often can in the end cause a lot more problems by causing the body to make more acid in turn causing a lot of intestinal inflamation which in turn causes very slow elimination (sometimes rocks) all the while trapping gas from escaping and just becoming a vicious cycle.  The more you use generally the more you'll need.  These are loaded with calcium.  While a lot may not actually get absorbed enough still does that can throw your systems PH ratios out of  whack ie. magnesiums, potassium, chloride levels etc.  When eating (particularly acid & gassy forming foods) try taking a 1/2 - 1  teaspoon of ground up black seed just prior or during.  Also available in capsules.  Calms and heals digestive tract problems and helps prevent and eliminate gas naturally.  Don't think it conflicts with medications since it technically is an indian spice/food similar to curcumin and turmeric.
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I have been "dealing" with this issue for around 7-8 years. I have to think about every single move I make or my heart will skip beats or go into afib. I know full well it is do to with stomach activity because when my heart goes into afib, all I have to do to get it to go back into normal rhythm is get the gas out of my stomach. I do that by pacing, drinking something fizzy and/or reclining to get the pressure off my stomach. My heart has been checked and is totally fine. I saw a gastroenterologist that dismissed my concerns and I gave up and "lived" with this problem for many years. It is such an inconvenience that it has limited what I can do in life. Im sick and tired of living with this and tired of reading that there are no doctors that can see a connection. Clearly, there is. Especially since Im not the only one with this problem. The weird part is, is that I feel the afib (rapid and skipped beats mixed) in my stomach, even though its my heart that's going crazy. There is a pulling/tugging sensation at the trigger point. There HAS to be a cure for this and if there is anybody that has found one, PLEASE let me know. I'm in the midst of another gastro referral, but they're all turning me down because Im "not an emergency" and "they already have too many patients". If I sit the wrong way with a full stomach (gas or food), it'll trigger palps/afib. If I turn the wrong way, same thing. I have to hold my breath if I bend down to pick anything up. Even doing light housework exhausts me to no end. This is ridiculous. I no longer know what hunger feels like because I have to eat to push the gas out of my stomach. My stomach is always so "angry" when its empty and when its digesting. I don't understand why this started or how to make it stop. I welcome any comments or talking with you further because it helps to know that there are other people out there with this "mystery condition". Maybe together we can find a common denominator? Thanks for listening!
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I came across the term Roemheld Syndrome aka GastroCardiac Syndrome, throughout my years of research. So yes, this condition DOES exist, but still no answers as to why these so-called Doctors say otherwise and why we are still suffering and left to figure this out and deal with this on our own. Check it out, if you haven't already and let me know what you guys think. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roemheld_syndrome
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Thanks for posting.  Read what others have posted and you'll see there are common denominators.  Unfortunately none of which the medical or scientific community have caught up with enough to come up with a common solution to what has become a relatively common problem.  My hypothesis has been without realizing it we blast our digestive tracts on a daily basis going back to child hood with things that are not natural, not digestable or normal to our systems.   Things like processed foods, drink, smoking, stress and medications particularly antibiotics to name a few all have a negative impact that all invite bad bacteria, viruses, parasites and mold to make homes in us that ultimately over time erode our intestinal walls and in the end give us symptoms we never expected to get nor can explain.  If the digestive tract and or how it is affected is key to a lot of this as I have suspected for a long time and why I started this post then it is a definate focal point.  I have treated my own to varying degrees of success with many very good natural products that have given me relief.  Sometimes I have had enough relief and felt good for so long that I thought perhaps I had conquered it but unfortunately it comes back eventually so I have not yet found the magic bullet or cure.  Short of feeling that if I where to have cut out a certain portion of my colon or intestine from where these symptoms seem  to spring from I don't know if there is a real possibility of returning it to a more youthful state for good but I had my own successes that gave me hope and I'll keep trying and will keep checking in hoping that others may have some suggestions that may have helped them that in turn can help others.  
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Thank you for your response. I agree whole heartedly that its a digestive tract issue and after reading through the posts, yes digestion is something we all have in common, but I wonder what the common denominator is for this digestive upset. Stress? Anxiety? Food intolerances? Thyroid issues? Etc. I wonder why this affects some and not others? It's pretty bad and quite scary, that a bunch of strangers have to figure this out on their own because a doctor can't. Doesn't say much for these so-called "doctors". I'm starting a doctor hop and I'm not going to stop until I find that one "needle in the haystack" that is going to take the time to figure this out and give me my life back. This is ridiculous already. We should be able to eat, bend over, turn, walk/run, sit etc...without our hearts skipping a beat or going into afib. This is not normal and beyond annoying, frustrating and debilitating. I will share any knowledge that I gain on my mission for an answer and cure and hopefully, I can help shed some light on this annoyance. I'm happy to have found some recent cases as most of the ones I've come across are from a few years ago, with no updates, so thank you so much for checking in and keeping an eye on this thread! :)
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Lyn, THANK YOU for posting on roemheld syndrome, you gave me something that all these doctors and clinics couldn't, That is my symptoms to a T.  I've been dealing with this for over a year now.  Several ER trips and those nurses and docs made me feel like I was gonna die.  I'm already freaking out with my heart going crazy.

At least I have something concrete.  I have been going crazy trying to eliminate certain foods, positions,allergies, meds, minerals..but no rhyme or reason.  The same thing I eat one day canl cause the symptoms and the next day I will not affect me.    

I'm not a fan of it, but that wiki article suggest cabbage.  That is something I haven't tried.  Ginger seemed to help for awhile, but yesterday I had arrythmiashort of breath. pretty much all day with a huge pressure in top abdomen pressing.  Wasn't until I went home and had a couple beers that I felt better.  beer usually can help it, crazy as it sounds.

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I broke my tibial plateau a year and a half ago.Next day ended up in the hosp.for 8 days with afib.Had a cardioversion done a year ago.I have the most terrible GAS,bloating,and belching I have ever had in my life.I have never had any stomach issues in my 66 years on this earth.I was always on the go,now I never want to leave my house.I take xanax for my anxiety or I would never get any sleep.Even with that I've be averaging abot 5 or 6 hours a night. I get the shakes too.Now,I have an erosive stomach caused by a high dose of aspirin and warfarin I was prescribed.Now I take Plavix,Protonix,xanax,and feel lousy.No one wants to believe me ,that I feel this bad.I haven't enjoyed my life for so long.It's like I'm just existing.I wish ONE doctor would try to help us.
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Lol, beer isn't crazy at all. It's carbonated and helps by getting you to burp it out. When I'm going into afib, I grab beer or pop. Whichever is closest to the front of the fridge, lol. My very first afib attack was scary, of course, but it didn't scare me enough to go to the ER because I didn't have any other symptoms other than the rapid and erratic heart beat. I know that may sound weird, like...who wouldn't go to the ER if their heart was beating like that, right? But, I guess, deep down I knew that it wasn't anything that needed medical intervention because I feel these attacks in my stomach while they're happening. I'm going on year 7 or so, of this. Thankfully, the afib attacks are "rare" in comparison to the digestive upset because I can usually prevent them by being VERY careful in the way I move and breath. Sick hey? Who lives like that? Ugh. Anyway, I'm glad I could shed a bit of light for you. I've been researching this for many years and I'm sure glad I'm not the only one having to deal with this mystery that doctors can't solve! Lets keep in touch because you never know, we may be able to solve this without them! :)
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I agree 100%! I too am just existing and I feel horrible because it has made me miss out on so much of my childrens lives. Something I will NEVER get back. I can't believe there are so many doctors from all over the world that have no clue about this. Its scary. Enough is enough already. I go to, yet another, new doctor next week, so I'm praying that he is the miracle I have been searching for. Not getting my hopes up, but trying to stay positive that he will be able to shed some light on this. I'll update the thread if I learn anything new.
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YES!  going on vacation or trip, I get worried what happens when I go into it. I don't want to ruin my kids fun, or miss out on these years.. I'm so grateful for your post, again, THANKS.  

Docs were making me feel like I was crazy.  The GI's laughed at me when I said the gas was causing my heart to go funny.  Two different docs were quite condescending. When I'd bring in papers from researching on the net, they'd laugh and say don't believe what's on the net!! and I had to pay for that crap.. Thanks Cleveland Clinic.  

I can't believe this guy Roemheld figured this out in the 30's and nothing has been researched since?  I do see a note on that wiki site that says German research ended in 2009 was not translated.  

Yes, I will keep reading here.  I have gotten comfort and knowledge from each and every post here.
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Guys/Gals listen to this doctor's show talk about Roemheld Syndrome.  Hitting it on the head.  

Thanks to Lyn, I was able to find this. Copy/paste url.

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Roemheld syndrome.  We now have a name of something we can ascribe to.  This is a good thing.  For one thing it's been around for a lot longer than any of us realized.  Another is that we are not alone nor are we all going crazy.  Finally when doctors look at us like we have three heads we now have a medical name to throw at him and say here doc read this and tell me I'm crazy.  There is also another name or term which I've brought up here on the blog in the past and that's vagal nerve induced afib.  There is also yet another perhaps not so well known term but probably not relevant to most of us here but it is called the partiers disease or alcohol induced afib?  So now we have two or three names.  Unfortunately we have to become our own doctors these days but the fact that we're starting to think outside of the box, doing research to figure this out and contributing to this blog shows that we really all are!  The ones we thought and hoped we could depend on to help us out at this point just can't.  Jeff & Lyn above are right.  This is rediculous that we should have to live like this by being stressed, fearful or even careful of how you move etc. so as not to go into afib  Since so many people are suffering with this and the symptoms so similar it may just be possible that one day it all comes down to an as of yet unknown common denominator?  Just as it was ultimately proven that H. Pylori (a bad bacteria) was shown to be the common denominator and culprit that causes most stomach ulcers this could also be caused by a single bad bacteria strain (including H. Pylori), virus, mold or parasite or even a certain combination of these working in tandem.   In my own self exploration I have found that there does seem to be a couple of factors which have contributed in bringing me to this point of sufferage.  Who knows it may not go much beyond it?.  I don't believe it just pops up out of the blue (even though it may seem that way) but rather builds up over time but without realizing it we all literally do daily damage to our digestive tracts!  Interestingly enough our digestive tract has been shown and proven to be 90% of our immune system.  Compromise it and every other system of the body is affected causing us all sorts of physical and mental ills.  This is probably why when I address my digestive woes it also stops the propensity to get or feel like I'm going into afib.  Eating nutritionally deficient foods particularly ones our systems just aren't capable of breaking down and digesting combined with other damaging factors like stress, smoking, drinking, medications, lack of sleep, lack of exercise all have a negative effects and impact.  These ultimately cause the body to become acidic.  Once in this acidic state we experience inflammation in our digestive tract that in turn constricts the intestines and slows things down, traps gas, makes us constipated giving us familiar sysmptoms of reflux, ibs, bloat etc.  Being in this state is ideal conditions for bad bacteria, virus, parasites, mold to breed and take over, thrive and eat away at us which in turn creates more acid, inflammation and even more symptoms.  Some of which can turn into many diseases.  It's a vicious cycle.  I hypothesize that over time damage is done by all of these factors.  I believe the lining of a certain potion of the intestines thins ulimately exposing nerve endings to an area that when induced by inflammation can conflict with normal vagal nerve impulses to our brain and heart which ultimately can lead to the afib.  I even asked a question a while back on either this or a sister blog that if anyone was experiencing similar symptoms plus the fib whether they had a colectomy or small section of their intestine removed in any region just below the left rib cage and whether they had ever experienced relief from both by this surgery?  I have not heard anything as of yet.  So far I have had my best longest term results and relief by dealing with this from a digestive health problem angle (which as mentioned above incidentally stopped inducing afib once relief was obtained)   I did a mild intestinal or bowel cleanse.  I did a parasite cleanse (amazing) using natural mild herbal products but ones that must contain black walnut/wormwood and I also used silver biotics to mop up any bad bacteria.  I adjusted my diet by avoiding foods and drink that cause inflammation, that are gassy or difficult to digest by avoiding such things as coffee, all processed foods, caffein etc.  I upped adding more organic vegegables and fruit and jucing to give my system a rest and chance to heal and become ph balanced.   It's difficult to stay on a close to a perfect diet so I find myself doing these regimens perhaps every 6 months or so if symptoms start to appear and become out of control.
It feels great to feel good and normal again but alas as I mentioned it can come back so even all of this apparently is not a permanent cure?  Perhaps once damage has been done as I suspect it is very difficult perhaps even impossible to revert our digestive tract, intestines and colon back to a thicker more youthful self?  Or perhaps the particular pathogen whatever it may be comes back or is not easily or completely erradicated?  I'll keep trying searching and experimenting.  
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Been trying the D-limonene that the doc recommended on that show I linked.  It's a huge gel pill and when you burp, man like you ate an orange tree-bitter.  But seems to be helping curb some of the digestion stress, which may calm the vagal nerve.  I don't know much about this d-liminone tho'.

Ginger still seems to be helping too.  Digestive Enzymes, not so much.  But I take it anyhow, figuring it can't hurt.  Read about a herbal liquid that's good for Roemheld but name has escaped me and I need to get my google goggles back on...
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Hey everybody,
I'm still in the midst of going through testing. I am back on another 6 month regimen of iron supplements. I'm going to assume, at this point (which is stupid to do) that it totally has something to do with my digestive issues. I still need to do the urea breath test to check for h.pylori, but Im having a hard time going 4 hours without eating or drinking. Again, due to the digestive issues. I'm going to list some issues that I've been dealing with over the years plus medications that Im on. If any of you are willing to do the same, maybe we can narrow down some things we all have in common that could potentially be a link to this disorder.
-I am easily stressed out and have been high strung and uptight with stress for a large portion of my life.
-I am known to be a worry wart as well.  
-I also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks as well as depression. (more so in the past as it seems to be at bay for awhile now, knock on wood)
-The stress from this condition has caused agoraphobia in the past (I was afraid to leave my house for months)
-I have nodules on my thyroid
-I have been on an antidepressant (Celexa) for 15 years or so. (I also wondered if this issue is a long term effect of that?)
-I was diagnosed with PVC's (premature ventricular contractions)
-I'm about 20lbs overweight, but I still had the symptoms when I was at my ideal weight for my height. So, maybe that's not it.
-Sweet things seem to cause my stomach more distress than anything else. I haven't tried an elimination diet yet.
I think that's it? If I can think of anything else, I'll post it. Anybody have similar problems or anything different they could add that maybe others could relate to?
Talk soon!  
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Hello.  Yes, stress is a huge factor with digestive problems and just about everything else.  Eventually the stress beyond the physical ills mutates into anxiety and from axiety stems phobias.  Medications have known as well as unknown side effects.  Always look to see what the known side effects might be and discuss with your doctor to weigh the pro's and cons as to whether you should take any particular meds.  Sweet things upsetting the stomach could indicate a possible yeast problem or bad bacteria over taking your good bacteria.  All the things you mention can have an affect on your health and how you feel.  There are a lot of other factors as you'll see if you browse these post.  Is there a connection between all this and afib?  I and others believe there is a relation between afib and something going awry in the digestive tract particularly in an area that seems to trigger the vagus nerve.  So in theory figure out, modify and correct your digestive woes and the afib will go away.  It did for me making me a firm believer.  My mission now is to figure out how to strengthen my digestive tract enough so it doesn't return.  The sad thing and what makes this so difficult is that you have two sets of ailments and symptoms that very little is known about.  Got acid take an antacid.  Got gas take a gasx.
Got a combination of bot take xanax.  All approaches that does more harm than good.  We need to learn at a young age what is truly healthful for our bodies, what to avoid and what to do about certain things so we can avoid these problems as we grow older.  Good luck and thanks for posting.
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Much applause and thank you so much.
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Try the linden method, it really helped me with anxiety and give your anxiety a name like Bert and treat it like a person sitting on your shoulder when it raises it's ugly head say to it oh hi Bert, so your going to spend the day with me, acknowledge it and move on also try deep sleep ap. Linden method is also on ap.As a highly stressed individual anxiety I believe has been the route cause of my stomach upsets and Afib. I feel for anyone with anxiety as it is not nice but there is help.
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Hello delcocat and my all my fellow a-fibbers. I am very pleased that I came across this forum.  I had my first a-fib (actually I started with a-flutter, which is almost the same thing)  episode 19 years ago.  My paroxysmal a-flutter and a-fib does not convert to sinus on its own; I have to go to the hospital and get shocked.  I have been electronically cardioverted eight times since 1995 (only once did the drugs work in converting me to sinus). In the beginning, I  had an episode every few years--usually after a weekend of drinking.  Later, I had episodes with no alcohol involved.   I was ablated for a-flutter in 2009 and for a-fib in 2012 because the number and severity of my palpitations greatly increased causing me terrible anxiety.  I found both procedures to be helpful even though I was not cured. The number of PAC and PVCs I had were greatly decreased.
I have always felt there was a connection between my stomach issues: GERD, bloating, hiatial hernia...etc.  and my palpitations. In April of 2013, I went into a-fib while playing basketball; it was the first time I had exercise induced a-fib.  After a night in the hospital and another cardioversion, I had a talk with the cardiologist.  He told me that my had to lose weight. In my quest find out why it was so difficult for me to lose weight, I came across information on Candida.  I read up on it because I had ten out ten symptoms of candida overgrowth. I began to follow the advice of the holistic specialists on the internet.  I was very skeptical of holistic medicine (actually I thought they were nuts), but I am now a believer.  I started to take apple cider vinegar for my GERD and I was shocked that I was able to come off of the PPIs. I also started using strong probiotics and something called diatomacious earth.  I lost 50 pounds in 14 months without dieting (I did avoid bread and sugar but no Atkins style low carb).  My PVCs and PACs are almost gone. I used to have two or three significant rumbles a day.  I can now go ten days without a "skipped" beat. Full disclosure: I was cardioverted a month ago, but it was because of all the success I had been having, where I started to think I was cured.  I have not had more than one drink per month for four years.  Last month, I had three beers one night and green tea and a coke the next day, needless to say I ended up in the ER.  I learned the hard way that I have only come to better manage my a-fib, not cure it.  
Hey, not all a-fib is the same and we all do not have exactly the same causes.  However, if you are reading this forum, you are probably someone that believes, like me, that the digestive system is at a minimum, in the mix if not the cause.  The connection between the digestive tract and heart rhythm is undeniable for me--I don't care what any doctor has to say to the contrary.  To my fellow a-fibbers that are overweight, crave sweets/alcohol, have anxiety, belch and fart a lot, have GERD, and or a sliding haitial hernia, please check out apple cider vinegar on the net.  You can even look  it up on Amazon and read what thousands of GERD sufferers have reported.  I know it is counter intuitive, but people suffering acid reflux actually do better with more acid in their stomach than less. When combined with a daily regime of probiotics, diatomacious earth, and suppliments like caprylic acid and oregano oil, it is powerful medicine for balancing your digestive tract and working on the acidity of your body.   One word of advice, do not try to do this all at once.  It takes several months to safely get candida under control.  I pushed a few times and had a few Herkimers reactions.  Slow and steady is the way to go. Many of the experts, are skeptical about curing candida. Personally, I have found that I can only control it. However, when the cravings are reduced and the bloating diminished, you can start the path to better health and fewer heart rhythm issues.  Good luck.
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Glad you found this site and have found it helpful.  Good post and it too is helpful.  All the things you mention I have tried and recomended from time to time.  Also going slow and watching out for what combinations to use is good advice.  While these are natural products they can be very powerful.  Oregano oil is very powerful and you need to be careful not to over due as it can hurt the stomach and intestinal lining and kill off good bacteria as well.  Candida as I too have mentioned in the past is definately a part of the equation for many.  Very tough to irradicate since its outer shell layer (called chitin) is like armor that our immune systems can not penetrate but that said believe it or not a small amount of yeast may actually be needed by the body however there must be a balance.  Another thing that I have used in my arsenal with great success are coloidal silver, iodine (drops in water taken internally - careful!) and wormwood and black walnut tincture.  After about a weeks regimine I too thought I was cured and for about 1 1/2 months effectively I was since I was litterally able to eat anything I wanted without bloat or bother and of course afib and I was ecstatic!  After that however it came back.  This could not have been coincidence but it solidifies your point that at this time no matter what it is that works for you, me or someone else right now its not a permanent cure.  Exciting however because I feel with the right research perhaps one day it can be a permanent cure.  I have to also mention stress is a huge factor and who isn't stressed today?  I am and have been so passionate about this that if I was lucky enough to stumble upon a cure I would share it with all and not want or have to make a single penny on it.   I think many visiting this board would also do the same and so I thank each and everyone who has posted and shared their own experiences here with us.  In the beginning prior to starting this and another sister post it seemed I was the only one out there at the time experiencing this and many times felt very alone, worried and at times thought was it just me or was I going crazy!  I guess with all your help I have proven that I wasn't and you all have proven you aren't either.  So heres to good health and finding a cure hopefully one day soon.
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I would like to thank you for posting this. I have had a very similar experience to yours, and most of the time, I feel so alone and that no one can understand what I am going through. Family members try to offer support, but the bottom line is that there is only so much they can understand, and the constant episodes of a fib really impact my life and that of my family. I wish there was an in person support group where I live, but there is not. I am at the point where they are considering an AV node ablation and pacemaker insertion.
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I am so glad to find this blog. I have been dealing with AFIB since 2005, and have always thought it was connected with digestive issues as I have had them my whole life. I was doing great, only 3 episodes a year and most were short. All because I changed my diet, also treated myself with Mastic Gum for diagnosed H.pylori and it cured the bacteria. I was very sick, lost close to 25 lbs, but I got through it. I have a bad knee so at the end of 2013 I started a series of shots which included Cortisone, and also a shot what they put directly into  the knee to build up the cushion that has disappeared with time (I am 73). The shots worked but I started having more AFIB episodes, and two have put me in the hospital where they put me on Cardizam, mouth and vein. So, I was pumped full of it. This all happened within 45 days apart. My EP is suggestion ablation or pacemaker. I want neither. I think my current AFIB was caused by the shots in my knee, and the stomach issue now is from the Cardizam. I was completely medicine free ever since I tried Beta Blockers when I was first diagnosed, and they almost destroyed my life. I am Gluten free, and eat healthy. But, I am now facing stomach issues that I can't get a handle on, and it scares me to think I would have another bad AFIB episode from this situation. Every thing I eat hurts me. I did try some Mastic Gum again as H.pylori comes back sometimes. That has hurt me also. I have used Gas X and that helps with the bloating, however I don't want to make another issue by using too much of that. I say all of that to say that I believe my AFIB comes from the digestive issues I have had all my life, and now they are even worse because of medication, and I am so happy to find that others out there believe digestion has a lot to do with AFIB, just wish a doctor or two would realize that.
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Hi i was very interested in your story I am trying at the moment to get the medical people to listen to what I am saying I have just been told I have Af and have just come out of hospital for rapid Af. It all starts from my stomach I had eaten food that I should have known better but when i say it starts with my stomach they shake there heads it is so frustrating. Now i have read your story I feel better about my condition.
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On my doc's notes, I notice he wrote that I think the bloat/gas triggers the afib, and he said, he thinks it's the reverse.  how could that be?  It kind've happens simultaneously so I'm not sure.  But it seem to make more sense, the bloating is pressing up and pushing on stuff which makes everything go haywire.  I have to let out the loudest, harshest beleches.  Sometimes my esophagus hurts and after awhile, due to all the belching, I get some burn from the acid.  All the while dealing with my heart racing and short of breath.  This lasted all day yesterday.  I get it daily, and sometimes can go a few days without.  It seems to come no matter what I eat or don't eat.  

What's weirdest thing is I can often predict the times and days it comes, almost like clockwork.  
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Have AF since 1993....once a month mostly, came across an article recommending coconut water for AF. So far it's stopped 3 onsets,drank it right away. Do not know how or why....yet!   Vagal most likely.

As for ablation.........it's just hit n' miss and dangerous. IMO

The new kid on the block comes from "Topera" targets the rotors..82% or so success rate, looks promising.

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Wow your story is almost identical to mine, I can't believe it I actually thought it was me talking .. same exact symptoms, tests, etc, I have been diagnosed with afib also and have a small Hiatal hernia which the internist said can actually cause all this. So while you may have afib it may not be for life, if somehow we can get rid of the hernia we may be able to be symptoms free from afib too!.. I was also really scared still am, I had a active life and suddenly this just stopped me in my tracks, now I am starting to understand it and hoping to treat the hernia and see how that helps.. good luck to you hope you are better now..
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I too have afib that comes & goes & have found like you there are certain foods that I can no longer eat. A small amount of oil sets the afib off. A small amount of tomato sauce will also do it. Sometimes I think that foods that cause gas also cause the afib. If you think about it,too much gas in your chest can put pressure on your heart by squeezing it. I also believe that digestive enzymes help, but only if you get the right ones for you. i have tried many, but found only one that works for me. It would seem that there is no "one" solution & we need to combine several approaches together.I also believe our immune systems have much to do in this. I now cannot be around any strong smells, even if they are wonderful (LIKE COOKIES BAKING)!  This has really impacted my life. No more salons (haircuts, pedis). No more candles, favorite cologne. even cleaning products need to be unscented. Have even lost some friends along the way who have normal senses if smell & just don't get their very nice scents are putting my heart in afib...   So glad I have found this forum so I know that I am not the only one with issues.
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I also suffer from this problem. When the belching has just started, and the sinus rhythm is still off, taking a note from an article on heart attacks, I cough several times and my rhythms return to normal.....but need to get the gas out as quickly as possible
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Jeff, As people get older, they produce less hydrochloric acid, so why do they have acid indigestion?  Because they are unable to digest their food.  I finally figured it out after much research several years ago.  When people get acid indigestion, if they would take large amounts of digestive enzymes, their acid indigestion would go completely away.  This happened to me.  I haven't had acid reflux one time since I started to take digestive enzymes.  The down side to taking Tums is that symptoms of GERD are actually a cry from the body that we need MORE hydrochloric acid, not less.  Then when people start taking Tums, they don't have the protective acid in the stomach to protect them from parasites and other pathogens.  
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I agree with you.  I have been doing the Raw Apple Cider/Vinegar, digestive enzyme/liver enzymes, thing for awhile, but still get all this stuff.  I don't get as much burn but still get this crazy belching/racing heart thing.  All supplements seem to help a little here and a little there, but never enough where I notice something is really doing the trick.  I just keep managing, and it's getting frustrating.

Especially more problematic since I've lost weight and while I am very healthy weight wise, trying to eat fruits/veggies/nuts and not any junk. Between Afib and losing weight, my circuilation has gotten so bad, hands are freezing all the time because I don't have the fat!  Fingers develop bumps and swell with no circulation.  During winter, thick gloves don't even help, hands hurt so bad from cold.  Something is wrong and the docs don't know..my body is trying to tell me.
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Try an ounce or two of Aloe Vera gel. It worked wonders for my heart palps, pounding/racing heart. I use lily of the desert brand. Spirulina completely eliminated them for me. I can have a normal life now but I'm still careful with my diet as a precaution (no processed foods, gluten free, vegetables & fruit, very little meat etc.

There is a guy that cured his heart problems.His site is "stopheartpalpitations" *******.

For quick relief from a-fib try gas x simethicone gel tabs. Not a long-term fix like the above but it works!
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I've just stumbled across this website while trying to find answers to my Afib. I'm really astonished to read that like me, most of you can see a correlation between,food,acid  reflux, hiatus hernias and excess stomach gas, of which I tick all the boxes. Mine started a couple of years ago and I only usually get Afib and high blood pressure after eating the wrong food or after a large meal.  After my first really bad episode the medics wanted to put me onto beta blockers and warfarin, I refused to take either as I didn't feel as though I'd been properly diagnosed.  I had a heart scan after my stay in hospital which was normal. I wasn't given any follow up after that. I think the drs didn't want to know as I'd refused to take their advice.  I feel I can manage Afib by cutting down my food portions and being careful what I eat. I also find I can usually belch myself back to Nsr. A fizzy drink can sometimes do the trick. I'm convinced like most of you that AFib is related to my digestive system.  I will, from now on be an avid follower of this site. Thanks to all of you whose posts I've read - I now know I'm not on my own!
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Based on my experience dealing with doctors from all specialties for over 40 years, I have had the sometimes sad experience that if I go to a Gastro doctor for things having to do with the heart (like-related symptoms like on this forum), the Gastro almost ALWAYS says my symptoms are GASTRO related. If it is GASTRO-related and I go to a cardiologist, the latter tells me it is HEART related.  Can't win for losing.
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Please tell me how am solve this problem If any food or medicine will you suggested?
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Any fruit or vegetable are you suggest?
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I just want to thank all of you who have shared their Afib experiences here.
I find 'myself', in one way or another, in  just about all of the posts.
For me to add my Afib experiences would be redundant.
Again my 'heartfelt' thanks to all of you.
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I know your note is from 2012 but I hope you read it. I have had acidic staomach and a if reflux done I was a child. I am 47 now and I still suffer from it. I started burning mouth syndrome 8 months sho after juicing fruits for 2 days. I tried everything to rule out many problems but none worked. Went to an allergy Doctor, thinking that it was allergy but he said that it is acid reflux which has gotten worse and is causing burning mouth. I started on omeprozole in the morning and Zantac 300 mg at night, it has gotten better but not completely depending on what I eat. Regarding A-fib, my husband has suffered from it since last June after an period of heart burn and helicobacter infection in stomach. He says it is stress and eating late at night that triggers it. He is on metoprolol and has been better but again it is triggered once or twice a month fir various reasons mostly job stress and late night dinner, he is very athletic and eats very healthy but he still gets a fib once in a while. I hope you all find the triggers in your cases.
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Over training leads to fibrosis (cardiomyopathy) and Afib for many athletes that overtrain.  There is an optimal level, over that and it is just as bad as smoking and diabetes as far as heart damage.  And then there is recent bad news about antacids, that long term intake is correlated with increased risk of dementia.  Not sure yet why PPI's can cause that but it could be that PPI interfere with the body's ability to generate and absorb B12.  There is a "heart arrhythmia" topic here for people with AF or other irregular heartbeat issues.  There is also Lone Afib forum with many athletes exchanging AF experience.  Check those out.
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Someone emailed me to see if this site was still active?  Since it has been a while since I last posted I figured I would just repost what I wrote to her here as kind of an update.

  I think you were looking for the post or blog I started a while back which I will place the links for you here below.  I get it (afib) every now and again.  I don't know your situation and there is a lot to read up on and everyone is different.  It has been my assertion that in many case (not all) such as myself that there is a link between digestive health and afib.  Another words if you notice IBS like symptoms such as gas, bloat usually brought on by constipation which is brought by inflammation which is brought on by poor eating it can trigger sensitivity in the intestinal lining that may have developed over time (perhaps years) of poor eating habits, stress, smoking, drinking etc which may have caught up to you and it has affected a region in the colon or intestines at or near the vagus nerve.  When impulses caused by the aforementioned in the intestinal lining which has thinned or become porous exposing sensitive nerve endings probably stimulates the vagus nerve which when bad enough can in turn stimulate and trigger off an episode of afib.  How I deal with mine is to try and avoid a build up of food by trying not to eat the wrong foods, over eat period faster than my digestive tract can process and or eliminate which at times can be challenging in and of itself.  I hope this gives you some idea but again for further info read up on the blog here below.  There too you can post questions to whom you feel has similar situation and symptoms such as yourself.  I have not been on or posted in awhile so perhaps I will now.  Good luck to you.


PS - here's the links below.  This has been up for years now.  Upon reading you may notice that i have literally educated myself  and have and still continue to learn new things because when i started this doctors new nothing to very little but would want to treat it with dangerous drugs like they did know.  I do feel there is a bit more now known and it appears I may have been right about much of my speculations etc.  one day there will hopefully be some strides in curing this afib problem!  I think some of it can or will as conjectured be brought under control when IBS symptoms are brought under control or even better when it is figured out how we can prevent and cure what causes the IBS.
Hello, I am post ablation for SVT and find that my IBS symptoms have disappeared as well. So maybe heart rhythm irregularities can cause digestive problems. Also my ability to exercise and sleeping is much better too.  I am a woman in my fifties and am feel ten years younger since this treatment. I never realised the scope of negative affects of the SVT condition. Am I drawing too many conclusions?
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Hi there, I would like to introduce you to ancient indian science, Ayurveda. Ayurveda and herbal medicines might take much slower time to heal you but it will for sure. West medeince are having very quick but short healing. they don't last too long.

Here is my story in short:

I was also experiencing extreme pain in my stomach, horrible gastric, stomach tumble, etc. To express in details it was like heat from inside causing to dry mouth and heat on my tongue for long time. Extreme pain in the stomach area feeling like having a fire inside of me. I experienced whole my body become literally red. I couldn't really find any answer from west science to solve this disorder until I came to India and got introduced to Ayurveda. Ayurveda is an ancient indian science which has very different perspective towards west.

Based on Ayurveda every person has a different constitution, Wind, fire and earth. If we like to have a healthy life style we have to keep the all 3 elements balanced in our body. When we have the 3 elements balanced we feel happy and joyful. This science is very simple but has a depth in understanding nature out and in.

I am Pitta person, meaning my fire is overtaking on the other two elements thats why I was feeling so much heat and dry mouth. I should cool myself with cold nature food to keep the balance and harmony.
Zucchini, cabbage, white rice, Broccoli, Potato, Coriander (seeds and herb) , Cocao, Coffee, Okra, Banna, Apple, mango, Coconut, Pomegranate etc. are having cooling effect on the body and should be consumed by Pitta (Fire) people.

I should take very little or highly avoid following foods having fire element in summer time:
Tomato (oh I god i love them), dried fruits and nuts, garlic, onion, Spinach, Spirulina, or any food that has a lot of Iron in it. Highly avoid sour and salty food in summer.

The main basic is to recognise which food is good for Pitta person is  by its taste. Any food that is sweet, Astringent and bitter is good for cooling the pitta people.

If you like to figure out exactly which elements are dominant in your body, please take online test to determine yours:

Please read below article of conscious food combining to avoid indigestion which causes gas in intestine:

If you like to change your perspective towards health and life in general I highly recommend you to read few books on this topic written by Vasant Lad and David Frawley. “Ayurveda: The Science of Self-healing : a Practical Guide” is one of the most popular books.

Meditation and Yoga increase mind and body health. Please consider practising calming your mind with guided meditation and exercising/ stretching your muscles (tissues) with Yoga everyday.
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Well all I have to say I’ve been researching every single thing as to the causes of these damn skilled beats , I’m going to be real honest , i have quit caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods , i also taken potassium, vitamins, even made a calendar and wrote what I ate certain days , and just when I think I have the answer ....... NOTIING!!!!  But I didn’t stop try , I’m going to cut to the chase and no ********!!! Don’t know if it’s going to help anyone but here it goes !! I also think it’s intestinal related , I’ve noticed that when I eat even if it’s a small meal I get real bloated and after an hour or so I get them even worse keep in mind I still have them before I eat but now I’m going to go see a gastroenterologist to see what’s going on with my stomach , also I forgot to tell you all when I had them back in 2007 I didn’t have them as bad as I do now but back then I had real bad acid reflux my doctor prescribed me some medication for that but I can’t remember the name and they went completely away for a week, so I’m going to go back to that doctor and see what it was that he prescribed me but I am 90 percent sure that it’s got something to do with the digestive tract or Stomach or intestinal whatever you want to call it , so all I can tell you people is keep your head up high don’t give up we are all in the same freakin boat , I’m also scared but what can we do? Like I said 90 % it’s got something to do with the intestines , when I come back from the gastroinoligist I will let you all know, thanks I hope this kinda help
Hi Hbart,  yep been there.  I haven't been on here in quite q while even though I started this blog.  if you have bloating after you eat you more than likely are having problems with your digestive track and probably are experiencing constipation, IBS, colitis and or other.well known named symptoms.  Outside of that if you have been checked out and you are relatively healthy it can also still cause your system into trigger off afib.  Some would call this because of its usually proximity vagal induced afib.  Sometimes its harder to get your digestive problems under control than the afib.  What worked for me was doing a parasitic colon cleanse.  then giving the digestive tract a break and time to heal by following up with an easy to digest healthy diet plan and include probiotics and perhaps even more importantly digestive enzymes before your meals.  Once you get the digestive tract in good shape you won't get the bloat and dancing intestines that ultimately hurls you into the occasional annoying bouts with afib. Stress control is important.  Your on the right track with modifying your diet and most doctors will think your insane to think you might have parasites but it works for me.  Its ongoing and I'm not perfect but I have learned to know the trigger symptoms, maintain health of the digestive tract even after going off the wagon.  Good luck to you.  Rich    
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I was so relieved to randomly discover this post. Thank you for launching this thread. Over the past 2 years, I've experienced 6 trips to the ER, where I literally thought that I was having a heart attack. I thought it was highly suspicious that every time I had an episode with my heart, simultaneously I would be experiencing severe digestive discomfort, which has been a major problem for me over the past 18 years. I was diagnosed with IBS about 16 years ago. I've tried every remedy under the sun, natural and synthetic, to relieve my symptoms but nothing has helped. I eliminated gluten, dairy, and processed food.

The heart issues began unexpectedly 2 years ago. This has been a nightmare. Doctors have ran every known test for cardiac issues, yet all tests have come back negative. However, when I feel the heart attack like symptoms, my heart rate will suddenly go from 60 beats per minute, to 120+. Then I become very dizzy, light-headed, and feel like I may blackout. It's terrifying when this happens at work, or out in public. Like many people on this thread, I questioned all of the doctors I've seen about a connection between my digestive issues and the cardiovascular symptoms. The doctors looked at me like I had 3 heads. They thought the notion was absurd. Some of the doctors thought I was making it all up, like I was a hypochondriac. I'm a bodybuilder and power lifter who has overcome  many life threatening health issues to be able to do what I do, so I'm not a soft person who is afraid of minor pain or discomfort.

These particular issues have really been burdensome. They have made me anti-social. I don't like to be around groups of people, because when I try to socialize, stomach cramping and bloating begin, then the racing heart and heavy brain fog kick in and I know I sound like an idiot trying to talk, because when this happens I'm unable to focus or think. It makes me want to live like a recluse. I generally want to stay home and not go anywhere, or do anything. Family and friends think I'm a pompous, stick in the mud for not wanting to go and be social with them, but nobody can begin to relate, or understand what I feel like. My fiance somewhat get it, but is mostly out of touch with what I'm going through, because I'm not one to sit there and cry about my discomfort all day. I suffer in silence and people don't understand. It's a momentous task to get through each work day, but I suck it up and do it, praying that things might someday get better.
Ugh, I don’t know if my response posted. I wrote you but, got prompted to login after I hit send and now I can’t see it. Anyway, please if you have any questions or just wanna talk, by all means, reach out. Im here and are still dealing with this dreadful issue. I know all too well how you feel and what you’re going through!
Thanks so much for reaching out. It's definitely a miserable set of circumstances to contend with. There are lousy days, then there are horrible days. It sucks to know that the lousy days are the ones that you look forward too., because although you may feel lousy, you don't feel like you're on the verge of a heart attack, or life threatening debacle. My issues began about 1 year following an emergency surgery where my intestines twisted, and I had to have sections of my small and large intestines removed. I have a hunch that this procedure may have damaged my vagus nerve; a primary nerve that runs from the stomach, through the heart, and up to the brain. In fact, I'm convinced that this is what's causing the issues. The problem is that most doctors are completely unfamiliar with this, so they misdiagnose it as depression, anxiety, IBS, or a mental health issue.
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I have afib and a hiatal hernia.  I no longer suffer from either since going gluten free.  I hope this helps some of you.
Thank you for your comment, fcarol. There does indeed seem to be a correlation between gluten and afib.  For readers, here is an article about food choices and afib. https://www.healthline.com/health/atrial-fibrillation/foods-to-avoid#grapefruit
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