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Atrial fibrillation

I am a 59 year old male that has had sporadic fibrillation apparently brought on by stressfull situations. I have had about 8 bouts in the last year but none in the last 6  months until this week when I have had two. (They were apparently triggered by two the deaths of two close friends this week). The episodes have always spontaneously self converted in about 24 hours. I have been led to believe that there is little to do about them since coumadin takes a couple of days to become effective. Two questions: Is the previous statement true? I am already taking aspirin, although I know it has not been shown to be effective at preventing strokes from Afib.  Am I at significant risk of stroke in the 24 hours untreated? Secondly, is fairly strenuous exercise a good or bad thing in this situation? I know that my exercise capacity is somewhat reduced but I don't get a strong ventricular response. Pulse stays below 150 or so. (hard to count as pulse is shallow and irregular).
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Atrialfibrillation almost always starts in this manner, and then tends to become longer lasting and causing less symptoms. Generally, the guidelines recommend anticoagulation with heparin and coumadin if a fib lasts for more than 48 hours. In patients with structurally normal hearts, and age less than 65 aspirin is usually the manner of anticoagulation chosen. For those with prior TIAs or strokes, structurally abnormal hearts or age over 65 because of their higher risk of a stroke coumadin is usually chosen.
You should be on a beta blocker or calcium channel blocker to control your heart rate during the times you enter a fib. The beta blockers may also reduce the occurrence of a fib.
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Just want  to say you have my deepest sympathy for the lost of your 2 close friends and to add I lost 2 cousins on the same night in horrific car accident in 2002, my heart went haywire for about a week, I never got it checked to see what it was at the time, it really didn't matter at that time anyway.I know lost and grief can play havoc with one's heart, It has even been known to cause a type a cardiomyopathy(usually resolves itself ) known as The broken heart syndrome. Take care and hope you feel better soon.
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I have had two episodes of AFIB which is a symptom of my HCM and was converted with Norpase. Since I was resistant to taking coumadin, my doc has kept me on a maintenance dose of Norpase and I have not had an episode of AFIB since. This may be an option in your case. Ask your doc.
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