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Best Time to Take Meds - atenolol

Hi, I am starting atenolol - have put a few posts up seeking information - My pharmacist and doc both told me to take it in the a.m. as one's bp goes up during the day.  chloepuff says she takes it at night, which makes sense, given how tired it makes you.  What do others do?  Anna
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I take 50mg atenolol 2 times a day...so I take it both mornng, AND night. If I just had one dose to take, I would definatly take it in the morning...I take mine for the palpitations-and I notice them much more during the day than I do at night...
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I've been taking Atenolol, 50mg for the past 10 years and have always taken it first thing when I awake in the morning.  No problems have surfaced.  
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