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Blockage in RCA only, not Left Coronary Artery.

My father is 57 years old, has Hypertension and Diabetes since 15 years. He was undergone a Treadmill test, a few weeks ago and the Doctor observed borderline positive Treadmill Test and suggested an Angiography. He undergone Angiogram a couple of days ago and the report said that the Right Coronary Artery is 100% blocked. According to the Cardiologist, who performed Angiography, the blockage is old. But, my father has no pain (Angina), no fatigue and other common symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease. He’s perfectly alright. Also, his Left coronary artery is completely Normal and another Non-Dominant artery is 30% blocked, but, other parallel branches are normal. Doctor suggested that Angioplasty and Stenting may cure this and may not be able to cure. He has no problems at all. Should he go for Stent implantation? Is it risky? His Ejection Fraction is 60%. If he doesn’t undergo Angioplasty and Stent implantation, is it risky? His Cholesterol level is around 130 and Fasting Blood Sugar is around 120 and 130.
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He is best adsvised to take his cardiologists advice. He has the full medical history and is an expert in the field.

He is a young man, he has an excellent EF @ 60%

I am not a doctor but will offer an opinion. A blockage of 100% in the RCA is no joke and its highly likely he needs an intervention. Methods of stenting are continuing to evolve and even complicated total occlusions of 100% can often be successfully treated.
Normally there are low risks with stenting, but like most surgery, risks all the same.
I think the doctor may be a little more concerned at stenting the RCA. Its just that historically that problems can arise the very odd time with the stenting in the RCA. I think thats why he is not 100% sure of success.

Ultimately its your father who will have to decide on this, but generally the positives usually well outweigh the negatives.
Best of luck.

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